Legacy Financial System

Legacy Financial System Talk by MindHacker 

What I call the Legacy Financial System is what most people call the Financial System. It’s a Fiat Currency system, which is been divorced from being gold-backed for many decades. Which means it’s been entirely under the control of government spending, lending, and borrowing. It…


Why the Term Enlightenment is Bullsh*t 

When people hear the term Enlightenment, it often conjures up images of mystical figures, glowing, floating, and generally conducting fantastic miracles. We also think about the rigorous training, ascetic life, and life of dedication that it simply must take to get there. Otherwise, everyone would…

Mind Hacker

Getting Beyond Yourself 

You’re a master of your own domain. You wake up in the morning, and you’ve got shit ORGANIZED. Your mind flits from task to task, person to person, with ease, almost on its own. Phone call to phone call, meeting to meeting. You KNOW this….

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