How Your Emotions Affect your Finances?
How Your Emotions Affect your Finances?

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A LOT of guys I work with think that they either aren’t emotional or don’t have emotions. When I ask them how their emotions are affecting their finances, they look at me quizzically and say, they don’t?

News flash – we all have emotions. If you think you don’t, all that means is that you’ve disconnected from them, and can’t feel the sensation of them in your body… And that they are running the show from behind the scenes. No matter what our belief regarding emotions is, I’m here to tell you about how deeply rooted in your emotions finances are.

By watching this video all the way to the end, you will learn how your emotions are sabotaging you from living the abundant life of freedom that you truly desire!

How Your Emotions Affect your Finances?

Now, Emotions are tricky. Most of us truly believe that we are “Rational Beings” making rational decisions based on sound logic. Marketers know better. Politicians know better. Companies that gather behavioural data from social sites and influence our entire world know better. As humans, we are under constant attack of influence, and our buttons are being pushed continuously through the day.

The reason we believe that we are rational is simple. Inside our brain, we have a function that I like to call the “Narrator”. This Narrator lives exclusively to tell the story of “YOU”, or rather, from your perspective “I”. You walk around constantly going “hmm, should I get the red one or the blue one? Should I ask her out? No it’s too early for that, I’ll just…” and on and on. This narrator has been proven to be narrating the story AFTER THE FACT, or as they say in Psychological Circles “POST HOC”. There’s a great book on the subject called “The righteous mind” if you want to learn more.

The Reason your story appears to be SOOOOO rational is that the Narrator constructs the story TO BE RATIONAL. After your emotional centers decide “not to ask her out”, the story is constructed so say “It’s too early”. When in fact, the real underlying reason is fear, likely in this case fear of rejection.

How does this show up in finances? Well let me tell you, it’s EVERYWHERE in finances – both personal and business.

Have you ever noticed, that when you are in a well balanced emotional state, you tend to spend less money? Be more creative? Have more free time? When you’re relaxed, it seems like you are in a way more free.

When we become stressed, when our emotional system is feeling unsafe, we have many ways of avoiding that deep empty feeling inside of us.

Many people I coach turn to eating. Online shopping seems to be a big one in 2020, who knows why 😉

The term shopping therapy exists for a reason. We spend our way out of a stressful state. And that makes us begin to rely on spending as a way of managing our underlying emotional system.

Furthermore, when we are in this state, we are much more likely to be influenced by something outside of ourselves. We are bombarded with a constant stream of advertising promising a million things, and if we’re in this state, and see something that resonates, it’s purchased long before your rational mind sees the result and tells you the story about it.

Savings and Debt are a big emotional area to talk about as well. One of my mentors in the past Robert Kiyosaki said that your net worth was directly proportional to your context. Context being your ability to visualize and conceptualize everything required to hold onto a certain amount of money.

Make it make sense

From the emotional perspective, this makes sense. If we are emotionally comfortable with $10,000 in the bank, then holding that is not a problem for us. However, if we’ve grown up with deep unworthiness issues, as soon as we have $1000, we spend it. I had a client, who was a CEO, who had problems asking customers for money due to childhood experiences that made him believe that having money was wrong.

I’m here to tell you another really important factor of emotions and finances guys. If you grew up in a family that believed that wealthy people were bad, or money was evil – guess what? You literally can never become wealthy and abundant. Your emotional system will never allow you to become something you hate! How could it? It can’t be done. Underneath those emotions are deep beliefs that need to be fettered out.

Another client I had was working on the perfect business plan. He was a real rock star as far as business goes. Really knew what he was doing. It was an amazing plan, and all he needed to do was to send a text message to a billionaire to get it funded. And for weeks before he met me, he kept coming up with RATIONAL reasons NOT to do the simple thing of sending that text.

After one session with me…

After one session with me, he sent it and later that day he messaged me thanking me – he just got $750,000 from the guy for his plan.

That’s all I’m going to say today guys – and don’t FEEL BAD about this. We all deal with it, and it’s pervasive even in high performers. And every time you level up – there’s another emotion hiding somewhere just out of sight.

I’m interested to know more about you. Where has this shown up in your life? How is this impacting you right now? What more would you like to know about emotions, beliefs, and how they get in the way?

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