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THE IMPORTANCE OF CREATING A COHERENT MINDSET. How important is your mindset? And, how can I make it coherent?




  1. The quality of being logical and consistent.
  2. The quality of forming a unified whole.

Oftentimes, humans find themselves thinking in one way and acting in the other. Wanting this and acting according to that. Getting to the point of inconsistency.

  • If I’m spiritual, I can’t be abundant
  • I’m a business person, I don’t do spirituality
  • I’m all flow vs I’m all structure

Well, that is not how we are meant to exist, that is not why we are meant to be here. We, individually and as a collective, thrive out of balance… Integration.

Balance and Integration make for a Coherent Mindset

If we focus on balancing the masculine and feminine energies living inside us, we’ll manage to align the container with the content, the structure with the energy, the yin, and the yang. And, then… We’ll project the alignment within our environment.

Let’s create leaders, starting with ourselves!

Are you ready to make it make sense?

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