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Hi I'm Cian Kenshin (the Mind Hacker), and I used to be a high performing corporate professional. I had it all, fancy house with a HUGE yard, hybrid Lexus, 6-figure job that gave me the freedom to work from home whenever I wanted. Something was still missing. No matter how many promotions I got, or raises, there was always another carrot dangling just out of reach.

When was I going to "make it"?

It seemed like I was always deferring to the wishes of others. Sure, I had ideas, but they never really seemed to land, or go anywhere. I was always playing small, and building someone else's dream.

I won't bore you with the details, but I was going through a time where I should have been the happiest person, by all the measurements society had programmed into me.

Little did I know that much of that programming introduced energetic blocks, and limiting beliefs that prevented the full expression of who I was at home and in business.

Then I found the secret to transformation

I knew I was meant for so much more. I had been hiding my own power from myself and others. I had so much power and creativity inside of me that it was scary - I was meant to be playing in a much bigger field.

I began the journey of self-discovery, self-actualization, self-transcendence. Within the first year I launched two new businesses, left my corporate job, and began changing people's lives one at a time.

I learned ancient Tibetan practices that helped me train my mind. An untrained mind is like a pack of wild horses tied together with a rope. They all run in different directions, which pulls you all over the place. Want to go to the gym? NOPE. Not today, today the horse that wants to work on that powerpoint wins.

These practices slowly transformed me from a high performing corporate goon, devoid of creativity, into a powerful force of transformation, ready to bend reality to my will.

Find your true path

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Meet Cian Kenshin

Cian Kenshin is an MBA (Finance), a consultant for 32 of the top sports franchises in the US, and founder of multiple successful startups including a Vertical Farm company, is a certified teacher of Yoga and Zen, a Certified Virtual Coach by Eben Pagan, soon to be author, and a sought after Executive Coach for start-ups and boardroom executives alike. Known for his unique perspective on productivity, this serial entrepreneur and investor is a wealth of fresh ideas, constantly seeking new ways to ‘do business better’.

He's now taken his skills in entrepreneurship, and professional performance and created a system of personal performance and growth that can help you succeed in both life and business. He has recently partnered with GFIT Wellness to offer these unique sessions to the corporate world.

Check Cian out at his blog and podcast

My Story as an Ego Alchemist

Let me know you're interested in the Mind Hacker coaching program

Meet My Successful Students

Troy Assoignon
Positioning Expert,

Step 1

Cian and I met when I was at a critical moment in life where things were make or break. My stress was bubbling up to a point where I could barely control it. Things would trigger me and take me off my path and ruin my day.

Over about 6 months, he gave me some really critical tools and insights on how to navigate and manage my life, and my business. Business was going well, but I felt like something was missing. Working with Cian, I was able to gain more clarity of mind, not get triggered as often, and my projects don't get off track anymore. I can navigate my way through what is actually going on and deliver the results that I need to.

It's amazing having a coach like Cian looking over your shoulder, giving you insights and wisdom. He works with you, and shows you your blind spots. The most amazing part was seeing my own reality shift fundamentally. In some situations I'd normally become frustrated or angry; now I can see that before it happens, and am able to act from a place of clarity. I am now able to execute things more consistently and quickly. Life is much more graceful. Projects no longer eat me up inside, I'm not coming home exhausted at the end of the day.

Zach Zahradnik, MBA
Chief Operating Officer, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLC

Step 1

When I began my self-reflection journey and meditation growth process two years ago, I started working with Cian and attending one-on-one sessions or group meditations with him. Through years of study and practice, he has a deep understanding of the very diverse and comprehensive set of concepts and practical techniques, which he uses to help me to understand the forces at work within my own mind and spirit. The books and materials that he has suggested for me to work with have always been perfectly aligned with the level of spiritual maturity and understanding that I possessed at that point of my journey.

One of the most powerful aspects of my transformation with Cian is how it affected my relationships in my personal and professional life. I found myself becoming more calm, insightful and caring in my personal relationships, and more creative, collaborative and understanding at work with my colleagues and staff. Whenever I had a limiting belief, distortive thought process, or fear come up, Cian was able to walk me through it, and ultimately see through the illusion and mindset that was holding me back from becoming the most authentic version of myself.

Gavin Dantez
International Speaker | Online Business Mentor | Copywriter | Featured in Forbes & Inc.

Step 1

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