Executive Alchemist. I’m Cian Kenshin – The MindHacker, and I’m what I call an Executive Alchemist. It is kind of a combination of an Executive Coach and a person who does Consciousness Optimization.

What is Consciousness Optimization?

It’s based on the foundation of all alchemy. The Right Alchemy is the transformation or transmutation of a lower material into a higher material. The alchemists of the old world spoke about transforming lead into gold, right? That’s the thing that everyone knows about.

What most people don’t actually understand is that the lead is actually a metaphor for, a certain level of human consciousness.

A human consciousness that is reactively locked in habitual patterns and kind of daydreaming all day is considered lead.

And, a human consciousness that is awake and aware, and is noticing of internal triggers and patterns that lose some out of these triggers and is capable of actually self-modification is considered gold.

Breaking outside the program of digital patterns, operating on those habitual patterns and creating new ones, that’s a person who’s had their consciousness, transmuted into gold.

I, as an Executive Alchemist, do that for business owners and executives in conjunction with, business financial sort of outcomes and coaching.

What are this Executive Alchemist’s programs?

1. Coaching.

Because that’s my main focus right now. And most of my clients are high-level business leaders, who:

  • Own their own business
  • Are an Executive (as an Executive Director)
  • Are really aware of what they need to do in their business

So they have a plan, and they’ve been executing it. But some of its passion and creativity it’s lost; There seem to be some things that are getting in the way of success, right? There are some things are getting in the way of success in general. And, these guys are capable of overcoming most obstacles that are placed in their way in the material realm, right?

What does an Executive Alchemist think about the non-material realm in business?

These clients have achieved a certain level of mastery; Overcoming, the main business venues:

  • Oh, I need a lawyer for this
  • I need an accountant for this.
  • They really understand how finances were, how their business works.

And yet… There’s still something in the way and that something is generally internal, right? I call it;

The wall of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

And it’s This Wall that subconsciously sabotages them from executing the tasks that are going to have the most impact on their business because often these tasks are the most edgy, they’re the most difficult to even think about doing.

And so this is how business owners and executives get trapped in the day-to-day grind of just working in the business. Right?

  • They’ve got their project management tasks that they got to do.
  • They get up in the morning, they know all the tasks to do, and there’s no room for magic, right?

You just will just wake up. You go like 9:00 AM, boom!!! And, you start doing all the tests, everything was pre-planned; There’s no room for that creativity for that, no room for that magic to happen. And at the end of the day, once all too often, you know, they spend time reviewing:

“Okay, what did I do? What did I do good? What did I do bad?”

High Performers when there is no room for creativity and magic – As per an Executive Alchemist

High performers. They generally will be very reflective on how the day went. The problem with this kind of performance, especially at the executive and business owner level, is that you get trapped in the predictable future.

So… In the morning you go over your task list, you get trapped in that predictable future. You’re putting all your energy into what I know needs to happen. And then at the end of the day, you’re trapped in the certain past, right?

Energy trapped into the past? And your “AHA” MOMENT! En Executive Alchemist’s intake

You end up putting all of your energy into the past. So you’re either thinking about the predictable future of the certain passenger. There’s no room in that for any curiosity, for any magic, for any sort of present moment.

“Aha!” Moments. You know, those aha moments of where it’s like, you can have a paradigm shift in your business, right? So what, even once they have an “aha” and they have the creative spark and something new comes out, then it becomes just another task.

Then it’s buried under all of these other tasks, right? And, all of these other tasks end up being a lot easier to think about doing. So, they end up getting done. People tend to have a focus on doing what’s easy and easy to complete versus what has the most impact in their business.

I mean… I even sometimes get caught in that trap.

The trick is to notice when that’s happening and to focus on what is going to have the most impact. And what was that a ha moment that I had that I know is going to change things it’s really going to shift things into abundance for this business.

2. Spirituality and Elevated Consciousness.

From a spirituality perspective and I, as Executive Alchemist would combine spirituality and elevated consciousness together. Most of my clients are very good at various techniques, you know? They:

  • Meditate
  • Go to the gym
  • Have embodiment practices, like yoga.

Emotional Mastery. So, business is well taken care of, and the have mastered these techniques, but then, at home a scenario like this takes place:

“Oh, you know, my, my life’s total chaos. My wife’s always on my case. And you know, it really gets me angry when she’s, she’s pushing me too much. And you know, I don’t want to, I don’t want to clean kind of want to clean the house or take out the garbage. I would just hire someone for that. But she wants me to do it for some reason, you know?”

And, I’ll let the guys wonder why they keep getting caught in these traps?

There’s still work to do. And this work is around owning triggers and seeking them out and trying to become a better person in that way. So once the consciousness has leveled out to a certain point, it can start operating on itself and looking at the material that comes up in the form of triggers.

And, how did we get into this? Why is this even a problem? And why did we keep repeating the same cycles, right? Keep, keep getting into fights, keep wondering how this happened.

Triggers and Perspective

And the reason why that keeps happening is that there’s a problem with the perspective. And the problem with perspective is that; It’s the other person that triggered me. Right? So it’s their fault. Right. You know?

“She wanted me to take the garbage out, and I didn’t want to”.

That is not owning to your own material, your own triggers. And it’s, it’s a great defense mechanism for EGO, because EGO doesn’t want you to change. Right. So saying that it’s their problem, not mine; “I’m fine with not taking the garbage out.”

Wherever these triggers pop up. When you project the reason for your emotional reactivity onto another person, you give up your power to change anything. And you’re going to keep getting into this cycle over and over and over again, and never understand that it’s only you can do something about this.

Like the whole, world’s not going to change. I mean, the only thing that you can control over is you. And so you have to focus on that internal self-transformation.

Executive Alchemist helps clients to identify their triggers

3. Identifying Triggers.

That’s one of the other areas that I have a great focus on is helping guys and, and women. I work with, uh, some of Stephanie‘s clients as well on this area, I helped them identify what their triggers are and then take their power back and say: “I have ownership over changing”

As a man, for example, when you start to own that, and you start to notice it after the fact, and then eventually, even at the moment you can transmute that and say; “Okay, I’m going to hold steady here. And I’m going to try and find out what the truth is, the situation and know that my perception is being clouded right now.”

So it just has to really like slow down and, and work with the trigger as it’s happening and then go back to the content of the discussion or whatever.

The one thing that a lot of guys really like in this kind of transformation is that its very empowering because now you get to choose how you want your life to be.

Tantric Principles when managing triggers

When a man actually steps into this kind of tingling energy and holds himself tall and a pillar like this is a very tantric principle. It actually creates space for the women to have their wobbles and maybe even subconsciously try to trigger him and see that it’s not happening. That creates a level of safety and security in the woman as well.

When they start to realize, Oh my God, this guy’s no longer reacting negatively to when I know that I am, I get a little bit off. This is awesome!!!

And that actually creates fewer and fewer instances of those emotional wobbles where the woman may be asking the man for something like taking out the garbage or cleaning the house just out of pure need for knowing that he’s got her.

Space and Safety for the Woman

That creates so much space and so much safety for the woman, and they start to unfold and open up and become more creative. It also applies for other people, staff even. That sense of safety in a relationship allows a person to really blossom.

That’s one of the core facets of my teaching and coaching: To bring men into this kind of transformation where they get to hold themselves solid and speak their truth and help the surrounding people to unfold and not be so polarized against that very masculine, angry or assertive over/over assertive energy.

How can an Executive Alchemist help YOU?

You feel like you’re sometimes living in a dream, and it’s almost like Groundhog Day, and it’s just the same thing over and over again, whether it’s in your personal life or your business life, and you don’t know, like… Maybe you have a vision, maybe you don’t, but it still feels like nothing’s ever really changing any and your life. Isn’t really getting to that, that like Epic level.

That’s because you’re caught in a trap!!!

You’re caught in the trap of your own mind and whether it shows up as, um, the wall of FID, whether it shows up as a lack of creativity and a lack of execution, or it shows up at home and in interpersonal relationships as just continual lack of progress and being able to understand why these relationships are always… We’ll say; Blowing Up!

Then you’re the kind of person that should definitely reach out and work with me… Or even for me.

If you want to go from THAT to waking up inspired, creative, taking inspired actions every day, transforming and blossoming your interpersonal relationships from ones of power dynamics to ones of mutual collaboration… That’s the transformation that I help people discover for themselves.

Executive Alchemist Current Projects!!

Micro Greens

I own a micro greens and herbs vertical farming company in Canada called Three Guys Greens. It’s still basically in startup phase, and we’re using like leading edge indoor or, hydroponic farming technology to transform the way that restaurants and grocery stores get micro greens, basil and other herbs and plants.

Top 32 Sports Franchises’ Consultant

I’m also currently a consultant for 32 of the top sports franchises in the US, which translates to leadership and technology, coaching and consulting for, for these franchises at their Executive Level for implementation and execution of a strategic business plans in the area of technology.

Cian Kenshin – The MindHacker

That’s where I lean on my spiritual side, as well as my business side of things. So I’m mixing spirituality and business together in my Masters of Business and Spirit program. So, that’s the entry-level for working with me, getting into that FREE Facebook group where you can get access to my teachings or even on my YouTube.

Crypto Masterclass

Then, I also have a new venture where I’m coaching people in the realm of Crypto, Bitcoin and Next-Gen Finance. I have a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in international finance and the reason why this project came to life is a result of the way the world’s changed in 2020.

Governments are printing money at record rates in order to support the people who have been affected by that world-wide event and that started in March 2020 (You know the pandemic, right?). The printing of money is causing inflation, which is degrading the reserve currency of the reserve assets of corporations and countries and individuals worldwide.

And we’ve seen all the elites begin to pivot their reserves into cryptocurrencies like; Bitcoin. For example, Elon Musk is kind of at the head of that charge and there’s a lot of other institutions worldwide that are currently doing that as an inflation hedge.

And I’m working for the smaller guys who are going to get affected by this and have had enough assets to actually worry about inflation affecting their wealth and are looking for a way to learn how to manage this themselves.

If you’d like to learn for yourself, make sure to join my Crypto Masterclass!


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