I woke sore

I woke up sore 

I woke up sore And I sat down to say… Am I going to fall today? No… I’m just going to play Thus, I went to stand On my yoga Matt… And Shone my light Bright bright bright This you see is the way That…


The line between Me 

Whats going onWe aren’t tetheredI sing this songThis feels weathered The drum beatsDeep down insideAll that my heart greetsIs where I reside Freedom to beA certain wayExcept they can’t seeThe light of day Incorrect assumptionsLead to distressMarveling at the gumptionLeaving my stress So you want…


Mystical Madness 

Bring the madnessI am naughtGone is the sadnessWhat have I bought? Bound into freedomMy looking glass layNow all I see is themAnd inside me they stay Running Amok goneMy world lies openJust singing this songAll context is broken March came and wentJust a flight of…


the note of creativity 

By Kenshin When the moment strikes Mind whirls in frenzy Like lightning it takes form Your beauty needs no words Just the eye of one to behold In essence it’s really just you Love of the mighty unfolds Penance to the fallen soldiers Under them…


A seed from the stars 

There we sat in the dark Senses consumed by emptiness Being but a seed yet to sprout An impulse of growth Hands sprout out and reach Clasping the other across the dark The spark the spark Lighting the movement of life Something is growing here…

Walk off Cliff

Diving Down Vajra Yana 

Standing on the edge This cliff that has no bottom Fly or fall, are the thoughts Body wavers, mind screams Wanting to fly so bad Can’t stay on the ground Pretending to fly for years But on the ground Without Wings Its time to jump…


Giving up Bliss 

The energy of creation Resonates with such power Our beings experience fusion She dances in the light Mind in the shadows I watch with delight Drum beating Mind is gone All reality fleeting Hear that song come from her lips A time long gone The…


Last Remnants 

Reaching, touching the sky She smiled mysteriously Laying here in this grass Mind drops below Seeking a new ground Feeling heartbeat of Planet Finger reaches our Star Heart dropped to the Core Electricity bridging the potential Lightning seeks ground Heaven seeks Earth Am in the…

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