Diving Down Vajra Yana

Standing on the edge
This cliff that has no bottom
Fly or fall, are the thoughts.

Body wavers, mind screams
Wanting to fly so bad
Can’t stay on the ground.

Pretending to fly for years
But on the ground
Without Wings.

Its time to jump and trust
That the fall won’t be so bad
Eyes close, the step happens.

Falling, Falling, eyes open
This is familiar, but now there’s awareness
Now, seeing the fall, every aspect of it.

The body clenches, and clings
Frantically tries to grab onto something
Familiar. Grounding. Pacifying.

It’s all going by so fast now
Clinging cannot happen
There are no ropes this time.

This must be where learning happens
Let go of the old, and actually fly
Isn’t a fall, just vertical flight?

A warm blanket of knowing
Wrapping itself around the mind
Even hitting the ground could be ok.

Time to arch the back
Let’s turn this fall
Into a dive.

Diving Down Vajra Yana

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