Giving Up Bliss

The energy of creation
Resonates with such power
Our beings experience fusion.

She dances in the light
Mind in the shadows
I watch with delight.

Drum beating
Mind is gone
All reality fleeting.

Hear that song
come from her lips
A time long gone.

The mystery of she
Comes forth with visions
Making me just want to be.

When I fight
The further down I go
Must remember to be light.

Truth be told
This life is going
And we are getting old.

But not as old as we truly are
This light came from a place
That I would describe as afar.

A long time ago
In a mind far far away
We were free of sorrow.

When we came here
Forgetting was the price
Paid to be part of this sphere.

Awake! Awake! Remember This.
Remind ourselves the reason
We gave up eternal bliss.

Giving Up Bliss

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