Mystical Madness

Bring the madness
I am naught
Gone is the sadness
What have I bought?

Bound into freedom
My looking glass lay
Now all I see is them
And inside me they stay.

Running Amok gone
My world lies open
Just singing this song
All context is broken.

March came and went
Just a flight of fancy
No more messengers sent
It was all just a fantasy.

Opening in the clouds
Grass growing greener
Getting eaten by cows
Nothing to see here.

Dance of light on space
My being is pleased
No longer a race
That was another disease.

Far away yet here
Mountains within
Still can drink beer
This isn’t a sin.

Rituals fall away
Everything is too clear
As the sun brings the day
My experience of see-er.

Mystical Madness

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