INTEGRATED LEADERSHIP – Let’s cut the crap and collectively succeed!

Integrated Leadership. Today marks the beginning of the Integrated Leader era, where we will no longer hold outdated expectations in business, life and society.

Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX’s founder, and the richest man in the world was correct when he critiqued the “MBA-ization” of America; In the interview, he gave to Matt Murray, WSJ Editor-in-Chief.

In Today’s business climate, it is a fact that companies are currently focusing very much on:

  • Finance
  • Productivity
  • Processes
  • Structure
  • The masculine energy in Corporations…

We are living, working and earning using this masculine and direct energy; It’s off-balance. Now is the time to notice and correct the lack of feminine energy and drive profits and abundance through flow and creativity, instead of fear of inefficiency.

Let’s balance these energies in ourselves as business leaders, and in our business; Finance & Productivity balanced with Spirit and Creativity. Increase the focus on the product as Elon said (AND Steve Jobs), or in spirit as I say! And work in balance… Perfect equilibrium.

Click on the BUTTON to go to the MindHacker: Masters of Business and Spirits YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned! There’s a lot more to come, to learn, to live and to enjoy!

Cian Kenshin

Integrated Leadership
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