BEFORE YOU LEAD, YOU MUST FOLLOW. But would you follow just anyone? Or would you decide on the right leader?

To follow the wrong leader might leave you without important pieces of value; Such as the importance of wealth, spirituality, and the perfect balance between both. Have YOU found your own balance? How good is it to be spiritual if you can’t find yourself grounded in this 3D reality?

Truth is, not good… Which is where the Conscious Business Accelerator was born. The Conscious Business Accelerator is deep soul work fused with transformative business strategy. If you’re ready for 2021 to be the year you FINALLY hit that dream goal in your business, then we have the codes to the abundance you’ve been waiting for.

Lead by example, Lead with your Energy

One of the fundamentals aspects we will be working on the CONSCIOUS BUSINESS ACCELERATOR is ENERGY MANAGEMENT! 

Believe it or not, we casually happen to be beings made of ENERGY. And, believe it or not, that energy happens to be LIMITED. That’s why it is so crucial for you and your BUSINESS to LEARN how to MANAGE YOUR ENERGY.

When you learn to put in the WORK where it is actually needed, see, that’s when MAGICK happens. And that’s exactly what YOU are going to learn: to identify what is the best way to pour YOUR ENERGY into YOUR BUSINESS.

This will not be a recipe nor a formula. This is WORK you will be doing over the course of 4 weeks to actually CREATE your own, custom-made route for success!

We start July 17th!

If you are looking for a FREE Grounded Spirituality and Leadership container…

We are so close to kicking off the CONSCIOUS BUSINESS ACCELERATOR! And while we prepare ourselves for four weeks of INTENSE WORK, this is a FRIENDLY REMINDER that you can still jump on THE MONEY MAGICK MEDITATION CHALLENGE!

This challenge is a powerful concoction of ancient teachings and modern practices that will get you ALIGNED with WEALTH and ABUNDANCE. Some of you already did this challenge with us, but we know there are some souls out there that missed the opportunity!

That’s why THE MONEY MAGICK MEDITATION CHALLENGE will remain available for a LIMITED TIME on the ‘Mindhacker: Elevate Your Mind Game’ group (links below), so make sure to join us there and don’t miss out on all of the good stuff!

You can also Join the MindHacker Integration Community!

To help ground that experience, or if you want some accountability or to deepen into my mystical teachings, my monthly group program has live grouped Zoom calls, and a private Facebook group where I do live guided meditations and share more of my esoteric teachings on energy and programming the quantum field.


Blessings, abundance, and magick,

Cian KenshinThe Executive Alchemist

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