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THE ILLUSIONS WE FACE – HOW TO DRILL A HOLE INTO THEM? We create our reality. But how? And, once we know-how, then… How do we drill a hole into the illusions we face???

Our thoughts are fabrications that don’t necessarily represent reality – drilling the hole into the illusions we face through meditation is a powerful tool. Considering that we have thousands of thoughts polluting our brains daily, how are we just going to trust that all of them are true, real or ours, and not a product of our environment? Let’s find out!

Do you want to use meditation as a tool to drill a hole into the Illusions you face?

There is no better time than right now then, because we are hosting our Meditation Retreat for Beginners this Sunday, September 12th.

OH! You might be asking yourself – WHAT’S IN THIS MEDITATION EVENT FOR ME?

Well… Imagine sitting down to meditate, having the knowledge and confidence that no matter what happens, you know what to do?

  • Busy mind? No problem.
  • Sleepiness? Easy to handle.
  • Restless? No more.
  • Doubt? Only in the past.

Inviting all who are interested in learning to meditate, whether a long-time practitioner who wants to up their game or someone who has never meditated before!

In this half-day meditation retreat, I (Cian Kenshin) will give precise instructions that will make meditation fluid even for those with the busiest minds. I will also ground those instructions with talks based on a solid foundation of Western Neuroscience and Psychology.

The biggest complaint I have from new students is that as soon as they sit down, they are bombarded with thoughts, can’t seem to calm their minds. This is not a problem of ability, merely a simple misunderstanding as to how meditation works. In many cases, a short 10-minute conversation is all I need to show these students the way past this hindrance.” – Cian Kenshin

  • Spots are limited! I’m keeping the event small and registrations are filling up quickly.
  • VIP tickets get a 1:1 follow-up call a couple of weeks after the event to help deepen and address any hindrances.

Event Details

Please join the Zoom from a room where you are unlikely to be interrupted. You may sit on a meditation cushion or a chair, as long as your back is free to move and can be straight and not slouched.

This event is LIVE ONLY and NOT recorded; there is no ability to watch a replay.

***To find out more and join the event, just click on the button below.

Oh, do you want to connect directly with me? I gotcha!

*If you want to connect with me, you can always comment under this post, or do my website and join my mailing list. After all, I’m always looking forward to teaching the importance of reducing your own suffering, to reduce human suffering.

Are you looking forward to a much more direct approach? You can book a 60-minute Discovery Call with me, just make sure to click on the button below.

Blessings, abundance, and magick,

Cian KenshinThe Executive Alchemist

the Executive Alchemist
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