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What’s next? How can Mind Training help my business? How to reprogram your mind? Meditation is definitely an amazing tool to perform Mind Training, I know that for a fact because I’ve done it, I do it, and it has changed my life. The thing about meditation is that, once you start, you have to do it some more, and continue on… And, that, is when you begin the battle of the Is, and the journey to self-discovery… Stumbling upon the Inner Child and some inner trauma that most likely will require work.

During my 5-Day Meditation Challenge for Leaders, we got to talk to the heart and the inner child! Now, the conversation revolves around the matter of: What happens when you are out of alignment?

Let’s find out!!! Tune into this video and leave your comments there!!!

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The System: Heart Alchemy, is a 1:1 coaching container, which purpose is to explore YOUR true self through magic healing. There, I will introduce you directly to your higher self, inner child, and teach you how to heal that internal relationship.

MindHacker Integration Community

To help ground that experience, or if you want some accountability or to deepen into my mystical teachings, my monthly group program has live grouped Zoom calls, and a private Facebook group where I do live guided meditations and share more of my esoteric teachings on energy and programming the quantum field.

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Blessings, lovely souls,

Cian Kenshin – The Executive Alchemist

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