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Integrated Meditation Challenge for Leaders – MindHacker Institute. Click on the BUTTON to go to the MindHacker: Masters of Business and Spirits YouTube Channel.

Have you ever wondered; How some people have seemingly unlimited energy and move through their day with an unflappable level of calm? While you are running about from task to task overwhelmed and under-producing?

During this FREE 5-Day Integrated Meditation Challenge for Leaders; You will calm your emotions. Find clarity. Rediscover your creativity. Take back your power, and break free from the trap of your own mind. Making you a more effective leader.

This Integrated Meditation Modality is; my own, customized blend of:

Integral Theory, Neuroscience, Zen Buddhist Technology, Polyvagal Theory, Quantum Field Science, Yogic Philosophy, Hermetic and Tantric Traditions.

It’s the exact formula I’ve used to go from; The hamster wheel of unquenchable societal image and success to; The freedom of internal truth and sovereign energy.

Are you ready to free your mind? Join Us, here: FREE Integrated Meditation Challenge for Leaders.


Cian Kenshin

Integrated Meditation Challenge for Leaders

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