Beer commercials. I heard an interesting POV on beer commercials today on CBC (still waiting for normal programming to come back…soon!)

Basically they stated that with beer commercials, focus groups have found that it is more effective to give the beer characteristics in the commercial, rather than describe the product itself. You want the target audience to identify with the beer kinda like a team. Hence the very identifiable labels – when you’re out drinking, you are showing off your colours – being proud of the team you are on. Coors is a good example – Why don’t you take a silver bullet for the team? The idea is to build a relationship with the consumer. This makes them less likely to switch to another brand – almost as unlikely as they are to switch to a rival hockey team even if their choice team sucks!

The other point was bikinni clad women. I don’t understand what this itself has to do with beer, but this is what men want (and yes – men ARE the target audience for all beer commercials).

You’ve gotta wonder though, if men really believe that drinking a beer will get them any of these models. From what I know of models, they usually go for photographers, businessmen, or rock stars. Or rich jewish men :-p Beer into piss machines don’t weight very high on their schedule. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of beer, and some of the men who drink it. Nothing wrong with that. I just hope they’re not all deluding themselves.

My little theroy on the whole thing is this: Men just want to see women. Lots of them, as man as they can, in bikkinis. Beer companies are tailored to men, and thusley give them what they want. So whenever you’re watching your favorite hockey or football team, you have some pleasant interludes with scantily clad women. I guess as far as commercials go, that’s probably what I would perfer to, over some Dick telling me to watch WWF because he’s gonna kill some other monstrosity because he doesn’t like the way he smells. Woah – I’m just gonna leave that there before this turns into a 40 page essay.


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  • anonymous

    Dad here, Son.

    Glad you remembered the commercial analysis games we used to play. What are they really saying! You had and have a natural talent for getting to the ‘bottom’ of things. No secrets!

    Commercials and signs all contain partial meanings, i.e., they echo meanings that make you feel as if they and you are connected some how. Yet, the meanings are implied, by language and intent; they are never really meaningful… we are the meaning makers, if you get that you are in charge of what is meaningful and what is not!

  • vladimyr

    I remember a comercial where all the guys at the bar where drinking some brand of beer and having a grand old time, but I noticed that none of the women at the bar where drinking beer.
    Because, you know, beer is a guy drink. You can’t have chicks drinking it too. They just wouldn’t appreciate the full bodied flavor of bud light.

  • tmscase

    Hahahahahahaha! Sooo true….Guys wouldn’t know what to do….

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