There is a secret to how the universe works. I’ve heard many teachers say that we are not to teach this secret to those who would not understand. I appreciate this tradition, and I know it comes from a long time ago when mystics were persecuted, for example during the Spanish Inquisition. Though, it has happened many many times through history.

The problem with these rigid traditions is, that they do not update quickly enough given how times, and consciousness itself, is changing. Times today are unprecedented. In Alvin Toffler’s book Future Shock, he describes how the information doubling period has gone from 80 year in the 1920’s, down to less than 10 years in 2005. Imagine what it is now?!

The rate of change is accelerating. And we are changing along with it, like it or not. And, “The Secret” IS already out there….

The Secret

Wanna know the secret to the universe?

It’s really simple, actually. Everything you perceive is a fabrication of your own mind. Everything that happens is a manifestation of (y)our subconscious expectations and beliefs.

People who follow Manifestation (like Stephanie Jaie) and “The Secret” already know this, if many of them don’t really understand the wild (quantum) mechanics that makes it work. Really, they are given a recipe that goes something like this:

  • “The How” is not your job
  • You can create anything if you believe in it
  • Reprogram your subconscious to create new beliefs
  • Take inspired action every day
  • This is not happening “to you”, it’s happening “for you”

Manifestation is a big, big thing. It’s gone global, and many people are using it effectively, and many are using it ineffectively. Just like everything else.


I teach meditation, and how to access your higher self. Eventually that path leads to experiences of ultimate reality, and deep, deep insight into the nature of self, impermanence, and suffering.

One day I was listening to Ronja Sebastian talk at the Envision Music Festival and I heard what I could tell instantly was “Truth”. She was talking about ultimate reality in the way that I understood it (4D, 5D interpretations). She was also mixing into that metaphor stuff about the quantum field, and using it in conjunction with manifestation.

I was hooked, curious instantly. It seemed to be the perfect mix of what I knew needed to be the “Same thing”.

You see, I was perfectly happy just diving into ultimate reality to gain knowledge. Still am, in fact. But in the back of my mind I always knew there was more potential there. Playing with the fabric of everything, like building sand castles.

What if I could subtly alter reality for the benefit of humanity, and all beings on this planet? And what if I did that over and over again?

What if I used manifestation to co-create a new world, that allowed us all to slow down? Reconnect with ourselves, and really discover what is possible, what we’ve been avoiding, and dramatically change the face of the planet?

What if a million of us did this at the same time?

The Million Person Manifest-itation

Granted, the Million person meditation wasn’t my idea, but it was a great one to play off of. On April 4th I lead hundreds of meditators all over the world in a variant of a manifestation meditation.

It started with a simple body scan, then I lead them down the path into the void. Showed them how to access it, and also how to program it.

Together, we manifested an awakening for humanity.

I think we’re getting there, evidence it seems is almost everywhere.

Shit is getting real, and shaken up. It’s the storm before the calm. During the calm.

But the How is my job!

Ok, so you wanna know how right?

Joe Dispenza has a great metaphor that explains it in ways the western mindset can really connect with, in his book Becoming Supernatural.

Essentially, the reason most of us cannot change our lives, or manifest our hearts true desires, is that we are literally focusing on all the wrong things. And since reality is programmed by our subconscious, and our subconscious is programmed by what we focus on….well you do the math.

How do we change this?

First we need to figure out what is it that we really are focusing on, which we must shift.

When we wake up in the morning, the most common thing to do is to begin thinking about the ‘to-do’ list, all the people we need to see, problems we need to solve that day. The list of things that are in the Predictable Future.

When we go to bed at night, we are often thinking about the previous day, and all the problems we had. The problems we are going to need to deal with. The list of things bothering us from the Certain Past.

Not much room for magic in there, is there?

Making room for Magic

This is where meditation comes in. It’s literally practice shifting your focus from the Predictable Future and the Certain Past towards the Magical Present. All of creation happens in the present. All creativity flows out of the present moment. All change happens NOW, not yesterday, not in the future.

If you’re lost in that past, or married to the future, or both…there’s no room for creating something that doesn’t align with either of those. You’re so focused on life AS IT IS, that you literally don’t have the energy for WHAT IT COULD BE.

Thus, Meditation becomes Manifestation.

You focus on one sensation, which only happens in the present moment. You observe memories of the past, or thoughts about the future come up, and let them go, re-directing your energy away from them towards the unknown…towards creation of something NEW.

There must be a willingness to discover the present, rather than controlling it. You must be willing to dive deeply into it, trusting what existence has in store for you.

You must trust that your heart’s true desire LITERALLY IS what existence is going to conjure up for you.

And with your entire heart, pour all of your energy into this yet to be manifest reality.

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