FREE LIVE Webinar. Meditation is an art and a science that is over 2500 years old. How can something so old be relevant in our day?

GFIT Wellness Meditation Expert Cian Kenshin dives deep into the scientific aspects that make meditation the fastest growing tool for corporate executives and startup founders alike.

This Free 60-minute introductory session begins on Apr 15, 2020 07:30 PM Central and concludes with direct experiential instructions on how to meditate more effectively.

About Cian Kenshin

FREE LIVE Webinar and Guided Meditation by The MindHacker

Cian Kenshin is an MBA (Finance), a certified teacher of Yoga and Zen, a Certified Virtual Coach by Eben Pagan, soon to be author, and a sought after Executive Coach for start-ups and boardroom executives alike. Known for his unique perspective on productivity, this serial entrepreneur and investor is a wealth of fresh ideas, constantly seeking new ways to ‘do business better’.

He’s now taken his skills in entrepreneurship, and professional performance and created a system of personal performance and growth that can help you succeed in both life and business.

FREE LIVE Webinar and Guided Meditation

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