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Vision | Strategy | Excellence in Leadership | Telecommunications & Security Focused | Tech Innovation | Performance Driven | Financial & Crypto Wizard | Zen Priest

20+years of progressive experience in
mindhacking, software hacking & telecom architecture

When was I going to "make it"?

It seemed like I was always deferring to the wishes of others. Sure, I had ideas, but they never really seemed to land, or go anywhere. I was always playing small, and building someone else's dream.

I won't bore you with the details, but I was going through a time where I should have been the happiest person, by all the measurements society had programmed into me.

Little did I know that much of that programming introduced energetic blocks, and limiting beliefs that prevented the full expression of who I was at home and in business.

Who is Cian...

Born to two Buddhists (Mom Zen, Dad Tantrika) Cian began his spiritual ascension very, very young. His mother gave him direct mind-to-mind transmissions at the tender age of 6 months, and it was all downhill from there. He began his serious daily meditation training in 2014 which led him to mystical experience after mystical experience, drilling into his head that there simply was more to reality than meets the so called eye.

He is an Ordained Zen Priest, Reiki Master, and is initiated into various lineages dating as far back as 13th century BCE.

A proven leader, visionary, and integrator in the telecommunications, digital broadcasting, and SMB industries. Over 20 years of progressive dev, product, security, tech, and team management experience. Cian is a highly awarded top performer in every industry he’s set his focus on - spanning from telecommunications to world-class sports, business coaching, and even spirituality.

Results-driven and has a track record of crafting visions and strategic roadmaps that actually get DONE. Singlehandedly responsible for envisioning the revolution in telecommunications and E911 in Canada that saw the entire country follow suit. Instrumental in new product development at 32 of the top Sports Franchises in the USA. Security focused and service oriented, he’s masterful at balancing the ever competing needs of executive and regulatory stakeholders.

Exceptional communicator with an incredible ability to see what’s going on below the surface. Easefully aligns the actions and communications of the team to yield the best result. Known to be infectiously energetic and articulate, he inspires others to believe in the vision and rush to join.

He is passionate about teaching you to work less and succeed more, setting the ground to prepare you for your unified wholeness so that you can make your dreams your reality.

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Meet My Successful Students

“Its been an amazing journey, I feel different. The inner work has helped me feel like a different person - especially at the mid-point when Sophie called us out. I got passed that and didn’t beat myself up for that. I’m definitely in a space where I am expanding energetically on the business side. I have more time for it, I’m actually sitting in the space of putting multiple things forward and feel it all coming! My father was saying that he would give me some money for investment, and I wasn’t saying yes to it. This work helped me say yes to it, and it’s $300,000! I’m like, is this real? Is this really mine?? It’s still unreal. It is real, I’m holding it!”

Sonja Tsang

“I used the constant fear I was sitting in to motivate me to do the work that Sophie and Cian were teaching me. After I pushed through we got three $30,000 clients THIS MONTH, and a $2 MILLION DOLLAR investment into our company. The wild part is that investment wasn’t supposed to happen for 5 years. After the ritual the investor was like…so are we just doing this?? I’m really excited and lit up to start more businesses and I’m posting my truth online now!” - 

Carlie Melody Mae 

“Things that came my way in the Solomon’s Magick container, I got 65 new jobs worth $300,000 right after the ritual. And a new affiliate for my app with 65,000 events that can populate the foundation of it. Had 4 new grants show up as well, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oh, and also I had a very interesting sexual escapade with a Goddess in the Astral Plane.”

Adam Slater

I am $100,000 wealthier! I fully trust it is the energy work, the forgiveness work, the tools of remembering our own power. I am blown away! Wealth is pouring into this house. I am fucking buzzing. Sophie was right on point when she said you are going to look back on this very soon and not recognize yourself. Holy crap this is fast! Thanks to the tools from Sophie Ma and Cian Kenshin I have jumped to this new timeline in only 2 months! And I know, the best is yet to come!”

Ashley Jaylene 

"During our contract I've managed to realize my dreams, moving to Cali, adopted my son, and launched my course. 

It's so much though that I know I'll sabotage it if I slip back into old habits. It's like Joe Dispenza, he keeps my vibration high too. But I can't meet with him every week like with Cian!"

Chris Caldwell

"I love how you guys merge spiritual concepts from multiple disciplines to connect the dots for people while stating the content in multiple ways and in simple, concise pieces. I read a lot of spiritual texts and experiment a lot and I see a lot of consistent truth in what you guys are sharing, and it's really digestible! Also, you make it interesting and without bullshit, sharing quality content from multiple disciplines. Also the positivity and humor is great as well! I have lots of compliments! You guys are rocking it, doing an awesome job on your mission!"

Rainy Jade

"My biggest take away is related to unknown limiting beliefs. I wasn't sure that I had any, but found that I definitely do. I caught myself thinking thoughts like - "that sort of thing never happens for me" or "I never get that lucky," - and I was so used to saying those things that I wasn't even consciously aware of it. Now that I am, I can change it! Hoping to find more ways to eliminate myself, or at least greatly reduce myself as my greatest hindrance in moving forward, abundance, my journey, and all the awesome things out there in the universe"

Zeuty Lew

"Thanks to working with you, I've uncovered one more subconscious trauma/experience where my subconscious was given a strong positive reward for being a push-over as a young child. Having my subconscious want to be a pushover has caused so many struggles in my life. 

I could go on and on about it. 

Cian and Sophie's teachings have been so accessible and effective for me and I'm really grateful"

Chris Usick

Last summer I had and opportunity to visit Cian Kenshin and just on walk he was able to drop some wisdom on crypto market than anyone I had listed before. I remember coming home and setting up some of the system he recommended and I was up and running no time. Honestly that was no the biggest takeaway. The biggest takeaway was the growth of my portfolio.

Mubarak Nsekarije

Founder at Winnipeg Insights

Find the truth path

If you want to:
See the needs of others balanced with those of your own
Stop making decisions from a place of fear
Speak your truth even if it's uncomfortable
Let purpose inhabit all areas of your life

Are you ready to bend reality to your will?

Learn to manifest your reality like an Alchemical Master. In this free guided meditation we use tantra, hermetic alchemy, zen, and manifestation to bring your mind into silence so the heart can begin it's work.

Then I found the secret to transformation

I knew I was meant for so much more. I had been hiding my own power from myself and others. I had so much power and creativity inside of me that it was scary - I was meant to be playing in a much bigger field.

I began the journey of self-discovery, self-actualization, self-transcendence. Within the first year I launched two new businesses, left my corporate job, and began changing people's lives one at a time.

I learned ancient Tibetan practices that helped me train my mind. An untrained mind is like a pack of wild horses tied together with a rope. They all run in different directions, which pulls you all over the place. Want to go to the gym? NOPE. Not today, today the horse that wants to work on that powerpoint wins.

These practices slowly transformed me from a high performing corporate goon, devoid of creativity, into a powerful force of transformation, ready to bend reality to my will.

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