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An Executive & Spiritual Business Coach with 25 years experience in digital transformation & architecture. Strategic leadership, fostered technology innovation, and developed high-performing teams.

Strategic Technology Leader | Expert in AI & Telecom Architecture | Proven Track Record in Product Vision & Innovation | Excellence in Leadership & Team Development | Performance & Results-Driven | Finance & Crypto Savvy | Zen Priest

Last summer I had and opportunity to visit Cian and just on walk he was able to drop some wisdom on market than anyone I had listed before. I remember coming home and setting up some of the system he recommended and I was up and running no time. Honestly that was no the biggest takeaway. The biggest takeaway was the growth of my portfolio.

Mubarak Nsekarije

Founder at Winnipeg Insights

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Who is Cian...

Raised in a spiritual environment, Cian embarked on his spiritual journey at a very young age. His parents, both Buddhists, introduced him to the world of Zen and Tantra. His mother began imparting mind-to-mind transmissions when he was just six months old, marking the beginning of his spiritual exploration. His serious commitment to daily meditation began in 2014, leading him to numerous mystical experiences that expanded his understanding of reality beyond the conventional senses.

Cian is an ordained Zen Priest and a Reiki Master, with initiations into various lineages dating back to the 13th century BCE. His spiritual background has significantly influenced his leadership style, fostering a holistic approach that integrates mindfulness and empathy into his professional endeavors.

In the professional realm, Cian has established himself as a visionary leader and integrator in the telecommunications, digital broadcasting, and SMB industries. With over 25 years of progressive experience in development, product management, security, technology, and team management, he has consistently excelled in every industry he has ventured into, from telecommunications to world-class sports, business coaching, and spirituality.

Cian's leadership style is results-driven, with a proven track record of crafting strategic visions and roadmaps that are effectively executed. He was instrumental in revolutionizing telecommunications and E911 in Canada, a feat that led the entire country to follow suit. His contributions to new product development have been recognized by 32 of the top Sports Franchises in the USA.

Balancing the needs of executive and regulatory stakeholders, Cian maintains a security-focused and service-oriented approach. He is an exceptional communicator with a keen ability to perceive underlying dynamics. His energetic and articulate demeanor inspires others to believe in the vision and enthusiastically contribute to its realization.

Cian is passionate about empowering others to work less and achieve more. He prepares individuals for unified wholeness, enabling them to transform their dreams into reality. His unique blend of spiritual insight and professional expertise makes him a distinctive leader in his field.

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