I am aware of..of what?
There is nothing here
Just awareness

Awareness of nothing
Bread a spark of creativity
And then there was light

Light created by consciousness
Light reflected and refracted
Bending around itself

A puppet show on the backdrop
The backdrop of myself
This game seems interesting

I am playing with myself
Oh this grand scale is but a dream
Maybe it’s more fun to forget?

Once I was a star, then a mountain
Now a bird in the sky flying to the sun
I eat myself to see what else can be

Then something new arises
A new me that questions itself
Something that might remember….

I don’t want to remember
How lonely it was to be one
And only one…no games

Please just let me play!
Don’t go back there its dark
But wait…if you’re here who am I?

Oh. It’s just me.
Should that be scary?
Perhaps not just one, but unity.

This IS different.

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