Skype on the iPhone, eh, Canada? Or not!  Looks like it’s available (Officially) in every single country that has internet (can you say Uganda?) EXCEPT for Canada.  People all over the world are downloading their version of Skype for the iPhone and iPod touch, and soon to be blackberry as well (in May sometime).

So why not in Canada?  Skype tells us something vague about patent problems here.  They would seem to be admitting that someone here in Canada filed a Patent that Skype’s mobile edition’s codec’s infringe upon?  This seems to be pretty unlikely since we do make use of Skype for other things here.  But wait…this is sounding all too familiar.

Recall how the CRTC won’t let Skype or other DID / SIP providers cell Canadian phone numbers?  So if you want a Skype IN number, you have to use US / UK / Europe?  Gee..wonder who lobbied for THAT little restriction.  Our government tells us on one hand that they are trying to encourage competition, however at every chance they get they invoke extremely anti-competitive practices and legislation.  People wonder why their cell bills are so high.  We are paying for the privileged of having high bills for the foreseeable future.  Really, you gotta take into account that these bribes do COST money right?

And now you have to try and trick Apple’s iTunes store into thinking you’re an american in order to download Skype.  T-Mobile better get moving on their business plan to come into Canada, I’m getting impatient – give me a Google phone and I’ll stop complaining.  Then again, our government will probably find a way to stop that as well.

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