Wow! A Dream! And what a weird one.  It was actually a continuation of last night…if I hadn’t gone to bed.  So we were all out at Sonar doing business, then decided to go to the Keg and have a bunch of crab.  After this, Ryan calls and tells us to come down to his sister’s party at the EEC.  So we go there for a while, then decide to head home to bed.

Well instead of going home, in the dream, Ryan asked for a ride to “Thundies After Club” or something like that.  I had never been there so we decided to go.  He also asked if there was any way that I could serve alcohol to these 3 undercover cops, who happened to be brothers.  He said that the LC was breathing down his neck for having <insert some sort of bad thing here> people serving and he needed someone who could pull it off, just for tonight.  As we pulled up I noticed that we were in some sort of industrial park, and the club was in this little house that was attached to a large factory.  The factory looked very old and depricated, kinda neat actually.

Se we go in and it’s just a whole load of sketch.  People are laying all over the place, quite obviously high, and it’s really weird.  So I head to the bar, Ryan is gone by now doing whatever – I look around.

It really wasn’t hard to figure out who the undercovers were.  They all looked the same and all were way to ‘kept’ to be there for any other reason – though they were doing a fairly good job of looking high.  Conversely now that I think about it, I really didn’t look like I fit in either, lol.

So I had a short conversation with them, and they asked for booze.  I looked at my watch (yeah I know I don’t have a watch) and realized it was way after 3.  Thinking I really shouldn’t be serving alcohol to undercovers after 2, I excused myself to go look for Ryan and check on this (by now everyone who came with us was just gone).

I walked down a long tunnel which had some other rooms off of it, and there were people everywhere.  I bumped into people I knew but it really wasn’t the majority.  There was a funny smell, and someone asked who I was looking for.  I said Ryan, and they said something about upstairs.  At this point I had to walk all the way back down the hallway, and pass by the undercovers again.  This pissed me off so I went looking for my friends, wanting to leave.

I couldn’t find anyone.  It must have been like an hour or something and nothing.  So I decided to leave.  I started walking to the car, and realized I was very disoriented.  I could not remember where we had parked the car.  Or I thought I did, but that it had been towed or something.  I started running around the industrial park looking for it.  Bad idea.  I ended up in some really scary places, where random very sketchy very scary peope would talk to you.  Right out of a movie where they are trying to make you uncomfortable with all the homeless people and stuff.

Then someone approached me and I noticed his hand was cupped.  He said something that I didn’t quite hear, so I leaned in, just as I did he jabbed towards my stomache.  I used Aikido to take the object away from him and say it was a bloody nail file.  Actually I’m not entirely sure it was blood, it actually looked like jam.  Someone else approached (I was still holding onto this guys wrist, not quite sure what to do) and told me I really should get out of here, people might start to swarm or something.  So I took the nail file (it made me feel safer if you can believe that) and took off.

Hopped a few fences, more allyways, and I finally found the club again.  Ryan was out front with my friends talking.  I met up with them, said Ryan, do you remember where we parked….

Then my pager went off.  Gotta love being on call lol.

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