Something I’ve noticed recently is that I can walk around familiar places quite quickly (compared to other people) weather it’s dark or not. During my observations I’ve noted that this is because I walk around the same way weather it’s light or dark – namely using touch to guide me. I’ll walk through the living room, touch a corner, the sofa, etc, walk up the stairs, use the rail to spin myself around the corner and touch the wall in front of me.

I guess I’m a lot more tactile than visual. It’s neet though, as I can efficiently navigate familiar areas in light or dark. Anyone else notice this at all?

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    3 replies to "Walk around using touch? By MindHacker"

    • anonymous

      Yes, Subconciously.

    • ddr_pickles

      That’s really neat. Usually when I’m in the dark I move more slowly because all the obstacles in my house are at knee level. If I hit something with my arms it’s no big deal, but if I walk quickly into a coffee table with my legs, it’s not very pleasant.

      Oh, and my brother thought your picture looked like Sean Penn. 🙂

    • tmscase

      Which picture? The parachute one, or the …wait I see my icon I guess eh?

      Hehe, I didn’t even know who Sean Penn was before now.

      Yeah, sometimes I do walk into knee level objects, quite hard actually. Bang my shins up quite a bit. They’re not too sensetive to that stuff though, I abused the hell out of them when I was a kid.

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