My Trip to the Lake. Last week I was actually on vacation. My biz partner Randy bought a cabin at Albert Beach, but had already rented out another cabin at victoria beach. Thus he needed someone to rent his cabin while he was at the other. I asked, and he was nice enough to let it go for a good price.

So Bonnie and I went out on Saturday. We brought a lot of books with us, and I brought my bike. Oh yeah – I also brought the GPS. Fortunatly, I didnot have cell access out there, which was nice because otherwise I would have been answering calls non stop. Monday I went for a nice long bike ride, just looking for the two geocache locations that were under 20 klicks away from our cabin. Found them, but did not actually find the caches (it was HOT HOT HOT, and I was dripping and could not wait to jump back on the bike so I could have some wind). But they seemed easy enough to drive up to so I decided to take the car and Bonnie back another day.

Continued biking to the end of the road looking for a trail of sorts. I found one, it was actually an old road that had been overgrown (VERY overgrown) and it traveled down going east down the shoreline (not directly on the shoreline, but followin at a safe distance in the trees) of lake winnipeg. Pretty soon I came to a spot where there were tons of branches that all connected to eachother, just as I was wondering what they were my question was answered – I found some old cabin foundations! This was a little residential area somewhat like albert beach! I guess there must have been a fire or something for it all to be abandoned. Well the road started getting really overgrown and I couldn’t continue on bike. So I started walking. But, again, it was hot so I soon turned back and hopped on the bike again.

Tuesday me and Bonnie went back to the geocache sites and found both of them. The second one was pretty hard because it was off trail, and there was a lot of tree cover which kills the GPS signal. So she had to go in as far as she could, then take a bearing, and direct me in the right direction (I was way off the other day). Took like half an hour but we found it!

That night Rob, Jason, and Jonn came out and we played poker. Now I’m not the kinda guy who playes poker all the time, so I was expecting to get killed. However I took the entire game in like 10 or so hands. It was texas hold’em so I did have the ability to all-in and such. Meh, guess it was beginner’s luck or something. I’ll have to try my hand at that again sometime.

Wednesday Rob and Carrie came out. We had some good converstations about all sorts of things. One in particular that sticks in my mind was the converstaion we didn’t have! Rob mentioned that he was talking to a friend of his (plumber or something) who was really into string theory. Now I’ve been into this stuff for quite a while, it facinates me to the m-th degree but I found that I had nothing to say on the subject. I’ve completely forgotten almost everything! Well, at least I did at that moment. Later on I was thinking about it and some stuff started coming back, branes, and stuff like that. But now I’m unstatisfied with my level of knowledge in the subject and I have to go on a quest for knowledge, again. Grrrrr…..

Rob and Carri were nice enough to bring out dinner (I think I owe you two now 🙂 which consisted of shrimp skewers and salmon skewers and some garlic bread. This is the second time Rob has re-introduced me to Salmon as a dish on it’s own and I’ve found that I love it. I stopped eating fish after I left home, mostly because I didn’t like it, or the bones. Well, I think a lot had to do with the way it was cooked. And the bones. However now there are no bones in Salmon (how do they swim?) so I can eat them! And they taste great! So great in fact that I bought two Salmon steaks from sobees and cooked them with Wildrice for dinner last night. Bonnie suggested the wild rice and the char crust (which was applied to the salmon and locked most of the juices inside)

Rob and Carri left the next morning as they had stuff to do, but it was an enjoyable visit.

Oh man, I gotta start working soon….Thursday we did nothing – I started getting sick, that’s what I get for not taking my vitamins with me. Friday Bonnie’s mom and her friend Melena came out and visited. Saturday we packed up and left.

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    • jenunderscore_

      Awwww love the pic! And sounds like you had a nice time. I love that you’re hanging out with Rob and Cari – those two are amazing and wonderful people

    • tmscase

      Thanks Jen!

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