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Ah, the ever-enigmatic dance of Alchemy, where souls and substances alike journey through transformative fire. There’s a mystical flavor to every relationship that dares to tread the path of spiritual evolution, and ours, dear @stephaniejaie, was no exception.

It’s as if we were two primal elements—let’s say Mercury and Sulphur—existing separately for eons. We knew of each other’s existence in the grand cosmic laboratory, yet for 16 terrestrial years, we merely orbited one another like celestial bodies in the night sky—each a distant star in the other’s horizon.

Then came that serendipitous day—our own cosmic alignment—when our souls intertwined in the astral realm. It was as if we were performing Calcination, each a flint stone striking the other, igniting a spark that set ablaze the veils of our earthly forgetfulness. In that sacred moment, we rekindled an ancient pact, a soulful covenant to awaken each other at the destined hour.

That profound recognition catapulted us into a spiritual vortex. Within a mere lunar cycle, we orchestrated a retreat in the sanctified jungles of Costa Rica—a realm where nature herself plays alchemist.

Yet, the world as we knew it shifted on its axis. We chose to soar above the tumultuous currents of societal change, free as ethereal Aludels—those alchemical vessels that allow substances to sublimate and spirits to ascend.

In our relationship, we erected a hermetic crucible—a sealed chamber where not even a whisper of external energy could intrude. Within this sacred space, we experienced our own Dissolution and Coagulation, melting into each other, confronting our shadows, and transmuting the base lead of our quarrels into the golden wisdom of understanding.

In the alchemical tradition, once Fermentation concludes, the vessel must be shattered to initiate Distillation. This is a moment of reckoning, a phase of discerning the essence from the dross. It’s here that we found ourselves standing, eye to eye, soul to soul, recognizing that our crucible had served its purpose.

Though our hearts brim with love and reverence, we understand that to linger would be to taint the Philosopher’s Stone we are each in the process of manifesting. So, we sever the material bonds, but not the spiritual threads that link our souls.

Farewell for now, @stephaniejaie. This is not an ending, but a sublimation into a higher octave of our journey. Our separate quests for the Philosopher’s Stone continue—until, perhaps, our celestial orbits bring us once again into divine alignment. 🌌🌹🦋🔮

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