If you’ve been around spiritual circles long enough, you might hear pondering about time being the 4th or 5th dimension. In this line of thinking, Time becomes something to be transcended through “ascension”. I’m here to dispel that limited view and explore time from the perspective of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity; Which coincidentally aligns quite nicely with the esoteric teachings and direct insight that I have encountered in the; Buddhist and Hermetic lineages. The confusion most people have is mixing time up with the uncollapsed quantum potentials in the field – calling them timelines.

Time is a Perspective

Imagine that you’re simply a dot, a speck of dust with no dimensionality. Now imagine that you exist on a 1-Dimensional line and can move back and forth along that line. When you move, you experience something called time. Time, you see, is a measurement of speed and distance. Let’s explore that concept with a common example, the Twins Paradox; two twins born on earth at the same exact time are separated. One is sent on a spaceship away from Earth at 99% the speed of light. The other goes about his business on earth, growing up and such. The twin on the spaceship returns 20 years later, but to his family’s surprise is only a few years older…he’s still a child while his twin is already working a job at the age of 20.

This example highlights a concept called Time Dilation. The closer to the speed of light you go, the slower you experience ‘time’. What is happening is that you are taking a ‘shorter’ path through curved space in order to move faster. Which makes you experience less movement through curved space, and thus less time. Fewer vibrations get to happen to age your body. Moving slower, you end up moving through a lot more space, and thus experience more ‘time’. And thus, the experience of time is merely a function, or perspective, of how we are moving through space.

Time doesn’t exist

Time doesn’t exist - Explanation

Let’s go back to you as a 0-Dimensional dot. We now know that you can experience time as you move along a 1-Dimensional line. Let’s call that 1D line X and the passage of time along with that line X*. Now, let’s duplicate X, and move it apart from the duplicate line to create a 2D square. We will call the new axis Y. Now you can move along X or Y space, experiencing time in X* or Y*. Repeat that exercise, and you have a 3D cube with an additional dimension Z, with another time dimension Z*.

If we do that again, we get into 4D or a tesseract/hypercube. This is the realm that my experiences have shown me that our spirits exist in; And is the space whereby they can see through walls, inside bodies, clearly understand all 3D phenomenon. To the point of being capable of very accurately predicting the outcome of seemingly random events in 3D and more. This is the realm of turiya where you’ve transcended your physical / 3D form.

If we extrapolate that hyper-cube one more time, we start to get into the weird space that is hard to conceptualize. In fact, this is where you are finally free of concepts and fabrications of the mind, edging into Turiyatrita level of consciousness. It’s also called 5D, and people describe it as being beyond space and time; which isn’t a BAD description, it’s just not entirely accurate. If we had labeled 4D as W, 4D time as W*, and 5D as V and 5D time as V*, we’d begin to understand why.

Time is Not the passage of Events

As an entity moves along the 5D axis, they experience time in V*, so they are not beyond the experience of time as there is still the possibility of movement. In our own limited view of time from the 3D perspective, we consider time as an organizer of past and future events. If that were the case, this view that we transcend time does make sense.

In the quantum field of potential, we’ve learned that nothing happens without an observer. When an observer encounters a potential outcome, they in fact contribute to the collapse of the potential into the outcome. If you’ve followed any of our videos or meditations on manifestation, you’ll see how we take advantage of this effect in order to navigate to the future potential that we want to collapse.

In 3D, we experience time as a linear step 1, 2, 3, etc. However, since we know that time in fact is just the measurement of how we move through space in a dimension, it must be something else that is happening, especially when we consider the Quantum Field of Potential. Let’s consider for a moment that the Quantum Field is a landscape of seemingly infinite probabilities and that we are for the most part unconsciously navigating that field, creating the linear experience of events in our lives.

Well, it seems that we have 2 extra dimensions (4D / 5D) that could account for all those future and past potential events.

The Passage of Events is not Linear

As we learn to exercise our manifestation muscles, we are learning to consciously navigate the Quantum Field of Potential, or the 4th and 5th dimensions of space. As we navigate these dimensions, we also experience the passage of time in those dimensions. If we could expand our consciousness into true unity consciousness, we could see the entire landscape of EVENTS that had/may have had happened and might potentially happen. We would see this like a landscape, with hills, valleys, passable routes, impenetrable mountain ranges (metaphorically). We’d begin to see that there is an entire hidden landscape that we are constantly navigating, that is pushing us this way and that, just like we were Christopher Columbus traveling across America for the first time.

Each mountain range we climb and move past revealed a new experience for us to explore. We can look back and see where we’ve navigated, and look forward to seeing where we might go. And maybe there’s a beautiful valley within sight, but the terrain simply makes it impossible for us to get there. This is where manifestation comes into play; It teaches us the rules of navigating a field that most of us cannot feel, perceive, or experience directly. It teaches us that the future potential is the landscape we are navigating and that having a clear intention of where we want to go, combined with a strong positive emotion to drive us up those hills, are the tools to navigate.

Why can’t I manifest a Billion Dollars (yet)

This is the one question I get a lot, and it’s used by naysayers to indicate that manifestation doesn’t work. It’s kinda like going to the gym and trying to bench press 300 lbs and stating that exercise doesn’t work because you can’t lift it. That billion-dollar hill is just too damn high for your current belief field to allow you to climb to its summit. The amount of energy your heart would need to create to push you up into that summit, to collapse the Quantum Field of Potential, exceeds what you have available at this time. Either your belief field needs to open more, little by little, and/or your heart’s capacity to magnetize you up that hill needs to increase.

When you begin to experience the Quantum Field of Potential as a landscape, or field of possibilities, it really changes your relationship with time. You see how time and the passage of events are not necessarily connected and that you may have more power to influence the events in your life than you ever imagined possible.

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