The physiology of intuition. Our 3D bodies are a representation of the ultimate, energetic reality that we are all constantly bathed in. The forms we see are a metaphor created by the mind to interpret the massive sea of sensations that come our way. With this understanding, we can reveal the truth about sensations, thought, intuition, and this experience.

The Heart of the Matter

The folks at the Heartmath Institute have conducted extensive studies on intuition, how it works, and how to enhance it. For years, they ran studies where folks would watch a number of images that popped up at random intervals and were randomly selected at the moment they popped up.

These images would be relatively benign, such as pictures of bunnies, all the way to super intense, like images of death and destruction. They monitored the physiology of the individuals in their hearts, brains, and other areas of the body.

Predictive Heart

What they found was that the heart could predict an intense negative image on average 5 seconds before the image was even selected. This was not unique to those with psychic powers, and in a later section, I will illuminate for you: WHY. The way they could detect the heart’s prediction was that the Heart Rate would slightly decrease in anticipation of the jump that was about to happen as adrenaline and other such biochemicals were about to be released.

The Heart was managing the predicted reaction to a negative stimulus.

Who am I, who are you, who are we, at this depth of consciousness?

If you were to look across various religions, cultures, and even philosophies (I have), you would find that there appears to be an agreement that “we” originate at the Heart. If you ask someone about themself, or where they are, normally they will point to their heart.

So then why do we think we are our bodies, or our thoughts, or head? What about the way our experience is constructed makes us accept this mistaken identity?

To understand the answer to these questions, we must first understand a bit more about the physiology of the body, the brain, and how it all communicates.

From Sensation to Experience

We usually identify with the sensational world, the formations that are constructed by those sensations, and the thoughts that are generated as a result of those formations. Let’s break it down very simply, there are essentially 5 major layers to our experience:

  1. Form: this is everything you can ‘see’ or ‘touch’. Your body, the computer screen, basically the 3D realm.
  2. Sensation: this is the moment of contact, for example when your finger touches the skin of another. This sensation is merely the transmission of energy from one form to another. That energy vibrates at a certain frequency (hot, cold, wet, dry, etc) and that frequency is then carried through your nerve cells via the movement of potassium ions in and out, as a wave up to the brain.
  3. Perception: Our subconscious accesses the raw sensations first. Perception combines disparate sensations together into a sort of hologram of experience. 
  4. Cognition: Our subconscious then breaks that hologram down into objects, applies labels to them (names), and investigates the history of your experience for similar objects and patterns of objects.
  5. Consciousness: This is the experiencer. The receiver.

At a macro level, these 5 layers suffice. However, we need to go a bit deeper to understand intuition, body based feelings and why we appear to be trapped in thought.

Gateway to Consciousness

Let’s just assume for the moment that our pure awareness, consciousness, is experiencing everything through the Heart as a kind of portal into this realm. That would mean that the 5th layer is contained, or behind, the Heart.

Perception and Cognition, it would appear, then are in the Head, or Brain. And Sensation happens in the Body, while the 3D Form is ‘outside’ whatever that means. If you consider this for a bit, you might figure out for yourself just why Meditation is considered a great practice for tuning into our true self, our consciousness.

If we accept that the Heart is the portal to the experiencer; the one who is peering through the portal of the Heart into this realm…then it begins to become clear why thoughts get in the way.

Sensation travels through the body, is processed and reflected off the brain, and sent down (via the Vagus Nerve, and other mechanisms) to the Heart to experience. Thus, if the brain is trapped in thought, as many of us have seen, we will ‘miss’ what is going on outside of those thoughts. The thoughts literally become clouds ‘in front’ of the sensational experience.

Now, we are getting a bit closer to why intuition is always there, however our perception of it might not be.

Free Will and Intuition

You’ve heard many times I can assume, that we have free will. What exactly does that mean? Consider the model we’re discussing here a bit. So far, we have the sensations and experience mirroring off the brain, towards the heart. And we know that thoughts get in the way of experiencing things as they truly are.

What about in the other direction? Do you think that the Brain is the only one talking? Of course not!

The Heart speaks too. YOU speak. Then, why can you not ‘hear’ yourself? Well, silly, because you are the experiencer, and all of your 3D experience COMES from the brain at the moment. It’s the LOUDEST component of the full experience you are currently immersed in.

Meditation calms the mind. That means that the electro magnetic field of thoughts are settled. When this happens, the brain can then sense something else, outside of itself. It can ‘hear’ the Heart’s song. The Heart is a massive electromagnetic source, and the field it projects outwards can extend 8 feet.

Guess what that means? Each and every cell in your body – brain cells included, can hear the Heart if they are tuned into its frequency. When the brain is busy monkeying around, it’s not tuning in. When it’s calm, it has the ability to listen to what the Heart has to say.

Free Will

You know that really really small voice? Yeah, that’s your Heart speaking. The Brain has to choose to listen though. That’s Free Will. The Heart (you) does not have CONTROL over this being. The brain has to choose to listen, go into silence, and open up to the song of the Heart. Then it also gets to choose to comply, or not.

Who gets to fly this plane?

Chogyam Trungpa once told a story about how difficult it was for people to trust their ‘inner guru’. They were afraid of it, and following that guidance, even after years of meditation, just to get to the point of hearing it. Then he said, why not? Every day people get onto an airplane and put their lives in the hands of a pilot. They don’t know this pilot. They don’t know the maintenance of the plane. -They just trust.

So, why not simply accept, surrender, and trust your heart (you)?

Ego, or a fabrication of the mind, finds this prospect kinda scary. Because it means that it’s not actually the real being, it’s just a component. And the lie it’s believed all this time was that it was the one in control.

Just give up. Surrender. Let yourself fly the plane.

4D and Intuition

If the Heart is your portal into the experience reflected off the brain, then who are you? That’s a really good question, to ask yourself. One answer might be, something beyond 3D space.

If you were a 4 Dimensional being, existing in the realm of pure energy and vibration, it might make sense how intuition could work. Imagine that you are an entity of pure energy looking into this 3D realm, enjoying this experience of this body, the earth, and everything that comes from that.

Just like you can look at a 2 Dimensional map from far above (in the 3D realm), and see much greater distances than a 2D being could if they existed “on” the map…as a 4D being you could see great distances in the 3D realm. You could see ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ 3D objects (bodies, for example).

This 4D being can see when a family member is in trouble. It can see where there is discord in someone’s body. And it can sense when someone nearby is lying, dangerous, or has bad intentions. It can sense love.

Some Brains, can get these messages, and contemplate/respond to them while mirroring the message and contemplation back to the Heart “as the experience” of receiving intuition. These Brains have been attuned to the frequency of the Heart, and have learned how to listen.

Psychic Powers aren’t Special

Psychic powers are not special. They are inborn, accessible to everyone, and simply part of the core of your being. It’s the way that the Brain has been trained by your culture, society, and experience that clouds that small voice of the real YOU.

If you want to access your psychic powers, your intuition simply trains your mind to tune into the Heart’s song. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Quiet the mind. Concentrate on your breathing for a time, and use the instructions I’ve given in other articles (AMP UP YOUR MIND IN JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY, Reality Hacking and Meditation Podcast) if you need more practice.
  2. Once the mind is quiet focus your concentrated mind on the Heart. Breathe into and out of the Heart. Breathe AS the Heart. You may begin to notice a heartbeat or other sensations in the chest. This is a positive sign.
  3. Once you tune into the Heart, lock it in with a feeling of Gratitude, Care, Appreciation, or Forgiveness. These feelings can be conjured up using a thought about a pet, or someone or something special to you. Once they come, they become a Heartfelt feeling that is so pleasant to the mind, that it will automatically stay on that frequency. Heartmath calls this “coherence”.
  4. Now that you’re there, simply listen. This is in fact your ‘free will’ or the brain listening to the Heart (you). When the message comes, pay attention to it and follow it. The more ‘you’ listen, the more you will hear. The more you act, the stronger it becomes.

We are all special

We are all special. That means there’s really no such thing as special. All there is; is attention, and training that separates those who have supposed powers, and those who apparently do not.

The clouds of your mind are in the way of knowing who you really are. Science and Religion both agree on this fact. So today, is your time to wake up to that fact, and do something about it.

If you’d like guidance in this, I talk more about this on my Youtube Channel, and in my bi-weekly Meditation for Performance and Flow workshops. I am also available to train you in my 1:1 coaching containers, where we go really deep, and ground you inside this experience of who you really are.

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