Why we constantly fight each other? If you’re sick and tired of being reactive to family, friends, associates… If you have noticed perhaps that your life appears to have the same patterns and cycles… No matter who you are with…then you may be ready to see this.

Meditation is a LOT more than simply relaxing. It’s training. And it allows you to see the way your own reality is constructed, and how you ARE responsible for the environment and dramas you consistently find yourself in.

Consider this metaphor.

When you meditate long enough, you will literally see how this works for yourself:

You are the sky

Looking down 

Ego is the clouds

Body is a lake

Subconscious is depth of the lake

Sensations come from the earth below

This being is complete

As long as you can remember, the sky has been cloudy. As the sky, you would only know clouds. These thought clouds obscure your view of everything below.

Lucky for you, the clouds are somewhat intelligent and have learned to create a facsimile of the waves on the lake. The waves on the surface of the lake are generated by the depth of the lake responding to the sensations of the earth.

Thus, you are able to kind of consider / respond to prevailing conditions in the world of senses. However, both the subconscious, and the ego contort the raw waves of sensation according to their own programming.

Your experience of the sensational world is clouded by your thoughts, feelings, memories, and emotions. Each layer receives and transmits what is going on, but just like the game of telephone, you lost some accuracy.

So why meditate?

Right now, you THINK that you are Ego. It’s been around so long you can’t even imagine it not being there. The clouds are obscuring the surface of the lake.

Instructing Ego

Meditation involves instructing Ego to look at the surface of the lake, and attempt to see the bottom if possible. Over and over, Ego is trained to look towards the body, the sensations. This creates a certain level of cohesion between the Ego, the surface of the lake, and the sensations coming in the bottom of the lake. They eventually synchronize.

In sync waves

When these waves are in sync, you (the sky) can finally see ‘through’ ego. It’s no longer obscuring the depth, it becomes transparent. The clouds clear. When done long enough, the subconscious eventually closes the senses. That in turn allows the surface of the lake to ripple out. Becoming reflective and glass like.

Mirror like. In this moment, YOU see yourself in a reflection on the lake. For the first time ever. You realize that you are not the lake. You are not the clouds. They are all part of this being, but YOUR perspective is much higher.

Ego is no longer YOU

Another thing happens. In this moment of reflection, the body, subconscious, notices you. Once that happens, the Ego arises from the lake again, but this time with the information that it is no longer YOU…but that it’s a function arising from the depth of your subconscious. The clouds arise from the lake…and now the clouds actually KNOW and accept this as fact. Ego has been reconditioned.

Are YOU the clouds again?

Some think that this is ‘it’. You’re free! Nope.

Now that Ego has been reconditioned, there’s a little more ability to create change. However, there’s a lifetime of history stored in the depth of the lake. The history that can still create surface-level storms, when say your spouse is ‘unkind’ to you or criticizes you. 

‘You’ don’t WANT to get angry…but the subconscious has a pattern matching system that informs you about complex patterns via ‘feelings’ brought to the surface. These feelings often are experienced as a contraction in the body. This is when Ego activates. Ego’s patterns say ‘when I feel this contraction in my body, I get angry’.

You become incapable of anything else, since the body and ego both have a lifetime of training. You forget who you are, and all of the sudden you think you’re the clouds again and it’s STORMY. Shit.

So there’s more work to do.

Eventually you can learn to interrupt that pattern. You create new patterns inside Ego, that look for contractions arising. Ego then plays a story for you reminding you of who you really are (the Sky). This keeps you awake long enough to get curious about what’s going on…instead of falling into the stormy clouds.

Clean up the bottom of the lake

Again, many would think that they’re done at this point. Wow! I can bypass my anger! How wonderful!

Except that this takes energy (willpower). If you’re constantly using your willpower to interrupt these reactions, you’re going to get tired. And then you will fall into the clouds again. No matter how much you train, it’s going to happen, except behind closed doors where it becomes very toxic.

The next job is to clean up the depth of the lake. Clean up the subconscious in the body. Oh, anger is arising? How fun! Let’s look at that. Hey subconscious, what is the information contained within this anger?

Remember, the body, the subconscious is analyzing a TON of information from the sensational world, then pattern matching it to your own history, memories, traumas, dramas. Then it creates a feeling based on the results of that matching. This is all done without bothering you, because that would be too much to do at the conscious level.

Unfortunately, many of these patterns were created during childhood, and can be suboptimal in your life today. Time to let them go. How?

You need to investigate. If you ASK the body, the subconscious about what information / memories are contained within the anger, the feeling… It WILL eventually answer. If you learn to ask it to rewrite that feeling associated with that memory…eventually it WILL!.

Now that’s freedom!

How deep do these patterns go?

All the way down.

Wanna learn how to become free?

Let me know.

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