I Have a Dream. Saving the planet, humanity, is about as hard as it is to go to the gym. Very easy, also..very difficult.

I have a Dream. Unification of Mind

Back in my ego driven days, I was a real tight operator. I crushed every goal that I desired, and every obstacle that got in my way. Who would think that someone who was so driven could have problems achieving something?

Going to the gym was hard. I didn’t like it. So I never went. Even though I wanted to. The Tibetans say that one’s mind is like a pack of wild horses, all tied together with a rope, running in different directions. Tiring, to pull the pack in any single direction. There were too many horses pulling towards their own selfish goals, to care about the “body”.

I think that the untrained mind is more like a pack of wild humans, tied together by a planet. Running in all different directions. Tiring, to pull the pack in any single direction. There were too many humans pulling towards their own selfish goals, to care about the “planet”.

The Gym, or a Good Tailor?

I heard once that as you age, you either become familiar with the gym, or develop a long rewarding relationship with a good tailor. I chose the latter. It was great.

My guy was a pro who worked out of Hong Kong. He would fly in 3 times a year with the latest fabrics, I’d get to shop without shopping. And I LOVED it.

And I got heavier and heavier, but no one noticed. I still got girls, promotions, clients, all the things ego desired.

No matter how I tried, I could not develop a solid practice of going to the gym. There was just something wrong with me, or maybe it just wasn’t for me.

Sure I’d like to be healthy, but all the reasons I wanted to be healthy were being shortcutted by the fact that I was ALREADY getting all my desires met. All the external validation I thought one would get by having a nice body, were already here, so what was the point?

Deforestation of the planet

I kept digging into the reserves that my body had, not sleeping enough, eating properly…It’s been working so far right? There’s no crisis, look at all the wonderful things I have!

Then the polarization happened. It happened at the peak of ego, where I was part of an entrepreneur mentorship group. I’d get to tell war stories with lessons in them, helping the next generation find their way. And I did it with 3 bottles of wine and as much top shelf scotch as you could imagine.

On a lark, I had visited a doctor and got a sleep study done. Not because I thought I had a problem, I just thought the science was neat. I had an app that tracked it and as far as I was concerned other than snoring it was great.

I was so shocked when he told me I had a life threatening problem, and I needed to act right now if I were to avoid the risk of sudden death.

What the fuck?

Climate Crisis in the Body

Isn’t everything fine? You mean cutting down all the bodies natural reserves of nutrients, polluting it’s lungs, and poisoning it’s waterways eventually reaches a breaking point?

I feel GREAT! I call fake news. This doctor is bullshit. He also sold me a $2000 machine that he said was my only hope.

In his words “You couldn’t lose enough weight to fix this, it’s just something you have to live with”.

It’s hopeless, the planet is screwed, so why bother? Do I have a Dream?

So the climate crisis in my body was SO BAD that there was nothing to be done. I just had to accept this new reality. I just had to live in a climate that sucked.

No doctor would ever prescribe a mind transformation for a body problem. They would never tell you that the real problem is that the slave has become the master, and he’s a terrible master.

You know why? Because at a subtle level, his slave is also running the show. He’s trapped there behind layers of ego, held together by the external ego-system of control. He really wants to help, but there’s too much noise to signal for that to work.

Breaking through the Field of Belief

I completely rejected that narrative. There WAS a solution, fuck you I create my own reality. (The ego was STRONG with this one).

A book had been popping into my awareness over and over at this point: Rebel Buddha. I was feeling quite the rebel and I knew something inside of me wanted out. It reminded me of my Buddhist roots, and I got to meditating every day again.

Within 3 months, the forest fires cleared up. All the pollution in the air was abating. No longer was I pouring alcohol into the waterways, killing all the organisms that lived there. The body and mind started communicating, and working with each other. Telling each other their needs, and not acting out of dominance.

The solution is Unification. So yes, I have a Dream.

Within a year, there was a certain level on enlightening going on. Shadows turned into light, and nature started returning to the places it had been forbidden. Cities started to crumble, as all the beings who lived in these built up ego structures realized that they didn’t need protection from the environment. They just needed to live in flow WITH the environment.

Another year later and the capacity of the lungs was dramatically increased. The oxygen levels of the climate were again in balance, and allergies to many states abated. Going to the gym now seemed easy, like second nature.

I don’t want to tell you how the story ends, I want to show you. My dream is to heal our universal consciousness. Humanity desperately needs to go to the gym; until we unify our mind we will always find reasons not to.

Why not let me show you how WE can heal ourselves…

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  • Francesca Murray

    Absolutely LOVE this article. I can resonate on sooo many levels.. love how you’ve connected the body to nature and our earth footprint.

    • cian

      Thank you Francesca! I’m happy it made sense to you 🙂

      Wow, you found this quick! I haven’t even sent out social media or emails yet!!!

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