How Telepathy is Possible. One of the best metaphors for spirit and ego I’ve been able to come up with is the spirit as a video game player.

In this video I use the contrast of us, as a 3D form looking at a 2D character on a screen, or piece of paper. We can see the inside and outside of the 2D character with ease, because we have a ‘higher perspective’.

Similarly, a 4D spirit, looking ‘down’ on a 3D realm, also has a higher perspective. They can see our insides and outsides with ease.

This gives them the ability to ‘see’ thoughts inside of us, as well as predict our potential actions and outcomes in the near future.

So then, why aren’t we all psychic?

The challenge is not in the spirit ‘seeing’ things beyond the grasp of the 3D form.

The challenge is in communicating those things clearly to the 3D form THROUGH the ego.

Yes, EGO is the challenge. Ego is also the solution.

You see, ego in this case, is the video game controller that spirit (4D) uses to control the body (3D) in this realm.

What’s the challenge then? The challenge is that most people’s game controllers are not well developed, and kinda dirty.

They are like old partially fritzed joystick controllers with only a single button.

When spirit says ‘jump left’, the 3D character may not even jump at all, or worse yet…jump in the wrong direction.

Ingo Swan and Russel Targ called this frizziness the ‘Analytical Overlay’. It’s what gets in the way of spirit fully expressing itself in this realm.

What’s the solution?

Meditation, and other contemplative practices that hone the ego / mind complex into a finely tuned instrument.

With practices like this, you are UPGRADING your old joystick into FULL IMMERSION VIRTUAL REALITY for the SPIRIT.

Russel Targ and Ingo Swan did experiments with the CIA and showed that pretty much ANYONE can be trained in these skills. It simply takes practice.

Your abilities are inborn.

Even once you start training, certain things can still get in the way.

Selfish motivation gets in the way of these skills, as it reinforces ego as a ‘separate entity’ from the spirit, and from other egos.

Ego can even start to imitate the game player, fooling awareness and spirit into believing that the reflection is genuine control of spirit (this is really messed up to experience!)

The path through this is virtuous action. Selflessness.

Using these skills to benefit others recognizes that we are all ONE, and that the ego is not important as a separate and permanent self, not independent of spirit.

When you turn your mind away from self, and towards others, it’s amazing how fast your true purpose in this life manifests.

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    • Darlene

      Good metaphor…I do like the title…it is a teaching in and of itself!

      • cian

        <3 <3 <3 Thank you for your teachings, you are one of the main people who have made this insight, and metaphor possible *bows*

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