A friend from eternity

Dancing in the light
Waves on an ocean
Blending into reality

Then there is you
Sweeping into this space
Vibrations of delight

Magnetic attraction
Polarizes my being
Pulled in by a star

No longer the dancer
But now the dance
Light beams weaving together

Depth of our connection
Old as the land we lay on
Pure as golden rays

Curious sparkle in your eye
Mystery becomes tangible
Life becomes livable

Desire was gone
Like an old friend
Who left this realm

In that emptiness
Bloomed a radiance
Magnetism driving us together

Thought cannot fathom
Complexity of existence
Algorithms of creation and destruction.

Satisfaction may be found
Letting the dance be as it is
And forgetting there is a dancer.

No distance of space
Can drive a gap between
Two light beams in unity

My friend we are one
Always been this way
Seeing, is all that’s changed

A friend from eternity

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