5D All-one (aka alone)

There’s something beyond this life
In the background of your experience
That points to the ultimate truth

You have always been aware
Of only the loudest aspects
Of your reality sphere.

When you encounter silence
Something new may be found
An essence of your experience

When you have eyes that can see
You wake up to something new
That was always there

The mind of your subjectivity
Binds you to this plane
Of tri-dimensional form.

Stepping into the essence
Experience grows beyond
That which you can remember

As you expand beyond three
What you see isn’t what you’re seeing
A place beyond concepts

One more step back
Will take you beyond four
Merging to be alone

This oceans surface IS form
A substrate expanding forever
In five orthogonal dimensions

These are the ten directions
Pointing to infinity
Encompassing being

5D All-one (aka alone)

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