How did you change so much?
This is a question people keep asking me.
Check out my talk, “Tearing off the Suit or how I overcame the veil of success”


It’s a tell-all story of how Cian started out life poor. He always felt ashamed going to school with second hand clothes and was picked on often by other kids. This built inside him the resolve to succeed. He started his first business at the age of 20 and was making 6-figures by 27. Success came easily, but after constant attainment he felt like something was missing. There always seemed to be one more goal, just out of reach.

Moral of the story

We give up something in pursuit of selfish goals. In order to play the game effectively we wear many masks, or suits. These masks separate us from others. In a way it makes us feel more secure, safe from judgement. It’s easier to play a game when you put forward a character. Deep down, you know that any praise, is really praise for the character, hence the separation. No one sees the real you, flaws or benefits. Maintaining this mask begins to consume you, all your energy and creativity. Mind space. And it isolates you from everyone. Tear off the suit and stand naked before all!

How did I change?

The true purpose of living here is to be of service to others. Self serving actions only lead to more desire, and more self serving actions, never happiness. Selflessness leads to connection, integration, unity, and happiness with all of existence.

What you should walk away with

Today there is so much focus on success. Look around, it’s everywhere. You can’t open facebook without seeing someone marketing to you how they gained x, y, or z, and all it takes is a “wealthy mindset”. I want people to see through that illusion, to gain an understanding that in fact it is the desire for all these things that is taking them away from happiness and connectivity. It is these desires to ‘win the game’ that isolates us, and makes us lonely. They say it is lonely at the top, and there is a reason for that.


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