The Plateau

Cracks in reality.

As I reach the plateau everything shimmers like an illusion.

Seeing becomes knowing.

Then, they try to bring me back.

The dance of Mara, the great illusionist.

In recognition, I think “why now, of all times”

Then I remembered how they never want to lose one of their flock.

Ooooh. So I’m close, then.

They throw at me temptations of wealth, fame, women, food… Sensation all sensation.

They are all building sandcastles on the beach, trying to get me to play.

But gentlemen… The tide is coming in.

It’s just a game.

My mind turns towards what is really important.

And to me, that’s YOU.

Come with me, if you dare...

Let’s Play a different game this time 🙂

The Plateau

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