As I went to bed last night I wondered if it would be a good night to do Astral Projection. Last night was the Red Super Moon, it was HUGE, and bright. The Earth’s shadow was mostly covering it at 10:30pm, creating an amazing sight.

I woke up at 2am with intense energy coursing through my entire body. Like electrical pressure wanting to pop out of my skin. I looked outside and it was practically daylight, the entire world bathed in moonlight. It was so bright I saw a bunny run across my yard at the far end.

As I lay back in bed, I realized I was mentally tired so decided to not pursue the rigorous process of getting ready to do Astral. I eventually fell asleep though it was difficult with all that energy.

Dancing in Moonlight

Waking up a bit later, I noticed I was pulling my Astral body out of my Physical body effortlessly. I actually woke up during the process of it happening, which is strange, since I usually have to be conscious during the vibrational hypnogogic state, and decide to exit the body. And normally, this process is a LOT harder. This made me wonder which ‘me’ had decided to go for a walk.

I ended up on the roof, then dancing around on moon beams. I remember spiraling around letting all the light bathe me and somehow freshen my energy. Light dancing with light.

Then I saw some of the neighbors kids wandering around their back yard. I pounced on one of them knocking him over, he was very surprised.

Dreams linking to dreams

I settled into a mild dream state, where I started to play a game. We were trying to find out what was killing all the unicorns. I at one point wondered if one of me was doing so…but decided probably not. We ended up lining up maps of the moon, transparencies from different places, and got GPS co-ordinates from them that Bonnie had to translate with some math.

When I projected to the place, it ended up being on the gray side of the Moon. I realized that this was a place that was the entry point to a dream I had about a year ago, but since I clearly remembered that dream (I had written it down) I didn’t need to enter it to re-experience it.

Lessons from beyond

In that dream, I had met this guy who was locked up in an energy field. I freed him, and he taught me how to shoot energy out of my hands, walk through walls, and go invisible. I thought these were valuable skills, and thanked him, understanding why someone would be scared of such an entity.

Then I woke up again.

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