I once died
A beautiful flight into light
A step into the night.

Body draining air
Heat seeking ether
Water drying.

Energy potential escapes crown
A flight of light red black and white
Not scary, somehow familiar

Embracing emptiness
Floating through the Kayas
Potential carrying memory

A familiar pull happens
The promise of sensation
From the void it’s like gravity

On the other side cell division begins
The vacuum of negative potential
White and red being pushed apart by material

My potential drawn into the vacuum
Kaya joins with the cells
Life being drawn out of the ether

By force
Passion for sensation
Draws me in again

Now I have a spine
Small but distinct
Matter pulling me in

Throb throb ooommmm
Hear the sound of mom
Warm and sensational

Here I am again
Back for more
But now I remember.

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