With a wide, open mind, the light seeps in. First just a flash, but it grows and throbs. In time, it will begin to highlight everything you see, the world becomes luminous and shiny. Brilliant and beautiful.

Sitting at ease, resting in uncontrived spaciousness this mind can see and accept all just as it is. It can connect with everything around it in a compassionate, sympathetic way.

Heart will hear the call of the light and begin to throb sending more energy up. As they speak a hidden pathway begins to emerge. The throat begins to join in the dance, pulsing and beating with the vibration of being.

This luminosity starts to leak out. Everyone can see it but you. As the dance builds to a crescendo all seven are lined up and spinning together.

When the crescendo comes there seems to be a ring spinning around the head that moves with the beat of your being.

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