Out of tune. “Love is an interesting idea,” Govinda noted, “but it’s one that can imprison some minds rather than free them. Like fire, it depends on the mind using it to see how it will ultimately be used.” – A Heart Blown Open: The Life & Practice of Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi

Drop all desire
Existence starts to flow
My body, my spirit go

Truth of spontaneity
Shows all amazing

Caught by one
That transcended
But ego grabbed it

Now falling
Back into samsara
Losing the tune

Lost connection to the source
A fog clouds purity
Mirror becomes dusty

Why is this
Is how I am now
Grasping for it again

Diving through the blackness
Swimming through fog
A memory…only memory….

Come up for breath
Start to dance again
And I forget all but this

The sun comes out
Brilliant, shining
Away go the clouds

Mirror reflects again
Connection to the ultimate
Is again vibrating

Retrospection shows me
How to fall
And rise again

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