All those flowers. I used to watch a lot of porn. Over the past year or so it started to change as an experience for me. I started seeing more of the pain and emptiness in the faces of the actresses. The paint started to wear off. The pain started to shine through. Over time, I eventually stopped consuming this media completely, it just became too much to bear. This morning I had a flashback of all the faces, and I broke down crying in my kitchen while making tea. Crying to the lost potential, for the pain, and suffering. Crying in happiness to be free of such a dark thing. And just crying for…just crying 🙂

Starting young
Just a bud
Not yet bloomed

Left to grow
Nourished and cared
The flower will come

A young bud plucked
Pulled into a spiral
Forced to grow

Spirit now twisted
Bent to the desire
Of men

Put on display
For all to see
The flower wilts

Spray painted
Happiness and youth
Designed by professionals

Can you see past
The lustful surface
To impeded potential

I cry now
For all the flowers
Who will never bloom

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