Stormy Conditions Arising. “This weekend I watched as my relaxed state of mind was interrupted with certain events. These events left a light, but tangible color to all the experiences that followed. As I tried to escape from those conditions, I realized that in order to want to escape, I had already failed.

Stormy Conditions Arising. I was identified with the stormy conditions, hence wanting to escape. So I sat back, and noted the conditions that gave arising to the storm. I watched the storm happen, and saw how it tilted the subjective experience of completely unrelated events. Then, no escape was necessary.” – Cian

The conditions of Mind
Colored by Feeling
Like Clouds in the sky

Ever watching and noting
Sometimes bright and sunny
Others, dark and stormy

Do the clouds affect the sky?
Does the sky come and go?
Hidden, but always there

Realization arises from watching
Clouds arise from conditions
And eventually pass away

Try to grab a cloud
And it will ever be elusive
Caught chasing dreams

Sunny or dark conditions
Do not concern the sky
Only the bodies on the ground

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