I did a meditation session with my friend Parminder this past February. We went pretty deep, into my gut where I’ve had ongoing issues. There was this shadow/monster from my childhood, I could only recognize as jagged and red eyes, and fear/confusion/not knowing what’s going on.

Then I saw my heart all black and jagged. Hard. The hard stuff started to crack and crumble, revealing a bright diamond heart underneath. I realized all the trauma was 100% necessary to create the conditions of this path. I thanked all those who helped create my diamond heart and promised to honor the gift.

Going deeper, at this point my mind is empty and open. In my mind’s eye I saw an angel, transparent skin with veins and nerves showing and bright white feather wings. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before. I whispered compulsively “Michael” as if hearing myself say the word only. He floated in and kissed me fully then all tension and control was gone.

The pathless path has unfolded, with no goal in mind. Reality is enveloping me like a familiar blanket, guiding me without effort. No more trying.

Diamond Heart

All the things they said
It felt like darkness
Cold and hard like stone

Time passing
Assertion becomes reality
Disconnected and withdrawn

Tricked into trauma
The cycle of suffering
Swallowing the lie

Mask of numbness
And isolation
To hide from the truth

It builds…too much
A quest is accepted
Flying higher than mountains

There are angels here
Who grab and kiss you
Make you see the path

The darkness cracks open
Out comes a diamond
Clear and light as this mind

With a diamond heart
The path is clear
Mine for others

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