The Wave

A wave on the ocean of reality
Appearing separate from other waves
As you move through the fabric
Each moment you rise and fall
Total transformation all but the energy you really are
Propelling through the water
Propelled by the swell, the wind, not self

Crashing on the shore
Transmuted into sound and light
Sound hits the drum of an ear
Ear stimulates a mind sending it into being
Turned into thought and impulse
A dream inside a dream

Ocean and dreamer are one
Dream is a projection of the dreamer
The dreamed is an illusion to all but self
Does a wave die on the shore?

Where do new waves come from?
Seek a beginning and an end
Shall not be found
Matter doesn’t matter
It’s energy that moves all

From ocean to air
Light to sound
Never created, or destroyed
A continuous function of now

What if the dream wakes up
Just as the cap is white and begins to curl
It’s changing, and bending
If the wave realizes it’s the energy
When it thought it was the water
Freedom may be found

The shore isn’t the end
Change isn’t destruction
The wave was just a form
Realized from pure energy.

Which cannot be destroyed.

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    2 replies to "The Wave – A Poem By The MindHacker"

    • Jerry H Whalley

      yes, it’s all pure motion — Einstein averred that the Universe became because something ‘moved’ — poems are a ɹoɹɹıɯ:mirror, a yes-I-can with crayons the colour of Tachyons rushing out of whirl’ds where past-meets-future, reaching for-words yet going back-words for some more

      they make many reflections like a ripple, and yet you’re at zero-point too, from where the puddle tessellates to a past in the future you and you reflect some more, ’til it reverberates just there, now and here, like an invertendo-innuendo that’s an in-your-face ɹoɹɹıɯ:mirror…

    • […] me encourage you to read this poem first. It does a terrific job of explaining the metaphor of self as a wave upon the ocean […]

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