Even the cars here are cool. So far a lot is different. Grocery clerks have chairs to sit on. Sliced bread is a lot thinner. And chip cards are pervasive....all the machines are fixed too face you, no one ever touches your card. And there are a gazillion cell companies, rates are pretty reasonable even for pay as you go. At the moment I’m using my google phone on the O2 network.

Not too much going on right now, dinner and some mini golf planned for tonight then tomorrow we are going to the world largest in door climbing facility. And face book locked bonnie out because she had a lot of gamer friends and it wanted to verify that she was really herself and she couldn’t pick the correct name from a list with a picture. Doh.

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    • Jared

      I can’t tell, is that a Maserati?

      Yeah, look at the differences in cars over there. I’m sure you’ll see it.

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