Jedi, Buddhist, or Freudist? During some of my Ashtanga meditative discussion classes my teacher was touching on Buddhism, we were discussing the influences it had and how it affected our meditation.  I started to notice some really good alignments with some of the teachings of Yoda.  For example:

My teacher said his teacher said in regards to practicing Yama’s and meditation (mind training):

You must let go of the belief that you cannot do this.  Don’t try.  Never try – just do.

Then Yoda:

Do…or do not – there is no try.

Another one that was interesting was about being mindful of the present.  Not getting lost in the past, or the future – cherishing each moment as much as the last, regardless of any pain or pleasure.

The meditative practice is about training your mind to focus.  In the real world, this combined with the yamas practice allows one to be more present, and mindful of the world around them.

He was basically saying that being present allows one to respond to happenings, rather than reacting to them.  Responding to your world consciously (super-ego) rather than instinctively (id / ego) will prevent unnecessary pain and suffering for you and the people you interact with.

And Yoda, again:

This one, a long time have I watched.  Always he looked to the future…Never his mind on where he was!, What he was doing! (hrrumph)

I’m finding this parallel between Ashtanga, Buddhism / Zen, and Freud rather interesting.  As I find more, I am planning to note it down here, to be judged by the times.

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