My feelings. I feel like I’m in a tunnel. That tunnel is taking me somewhere that I don’t know. While I’m falling down this tunnel I find two lights that brighten things up. The thing is, I can’t grab onto these two lights. If I try, they move further away and it becomes dark again. So I learn to just let them fall with me. They grow brighter.

The problem is, there are many turns and twists in the tunnel, I get banged around and lash out to protect myself. In the process I may brush by or through the lights. The lights still move away, even though I wasn’t trying to grab them, and the world becomes dark again.

I don’t know if there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but I know there’s light here right now, with me. This is all I want, all I need. When the lights are with me I am completely content.

This is to my lights, you are my life. Sometimes I may get bumped around, perhaps because the lights distracted me, perhaps it’s something else. Whatever the reason, I’m not trying to grab you. Please don’t darken my world. I am at your mercy. My feelings.

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