I’m going to stop. I’ve decided to stop saying stupid things. The reason I usually do is because I just don’t have anything else to say. So I may get a little quiet. I just keep thinking about how stupid I must sound to be made fun of as much as I am.

So, only few, wise words from now on.

I’m also going to stop doing annoying things. I guess I’m just finally realizing how much it separates me from you guys. I’ve always acted like a dumbass because it helps me relate to other people, they’re not as intimidated if I don’t act all smart. However I think that’s taken on too much of my personality – it’s really not me. And I do know that I don’t have to act stupid around you guys, and you would probably perfer me not to.

I’m gonna go back to the good ol geek cian again. Perhaps more time with my computer will help. Perhaps more reading will help. Perhaps more working out will help.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not asking for sympathy – these are just my thoughts as of late. I’ve been observing myself from the outside and noticing my behaviour objectivly. I don’t really like it…so why would you guys? It gives me the feeling that you’re just putting up with it, hoping it is just a phase. Well, me too. It’s gonna be hard as I’ve really been letting myself slip – I could probably measure how many IQ points I’ve lost over the past year with 4 hands.

Goodbye dumbass

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