Why trying to change is a waste of time

Mind Hacker

My goal is to open up your eyes, and mind to the invisible chains that are holding you back from changing your life.  Many of my students all want change, and have tried unsuccessfully to make change.  But they have failed before they even began.

Do, or do not.  There is no Try – Yoda

We all have hidden bonds that are self imposed, and will continue to hold us back until we learn to see them.

With  the application of knowledge these chains become more visible, unleashing such success that you can’t imagine how you were ever locked down.


Chain 1: Learn to use the power of Voice and Body language to get what you want, communicate effortlessly, and change the world around you. We examine the secret differences between private conversations, and group discussions. Learn to use posture, tone, and speaking speed to convey exactly what you intend and get the results you desire.

Chain 2: We work on creating new Capabilities within your Mind to change your behaviours. Learn how to increase creativity, focus, make better decisions, and more.

Chain 3: Understand your Identity and Beliefs and free yourself to alter your mental models and what you believe is possible. Here we dig into how your mind can trick you, and how the stories we all tell ourselves affect our decisions.


With this multi-layered approach you will discover how to change your world by learning what’s going on in your mind. This step by step guide will lead you on a journey to freeing yourself from self imposed limits you didn’t even know existed with clear explanations and personal stories to highlight each topic.

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to join me in this journey, and I look forward to a long, interesting conversation with each of you in the comments below, or in person! The book will be published late 2016 so get involved now and I’ll keep you up to date!