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Meditation Masterclass for Beginners

The benefits of meditation are numerous. Studies show meditation can help with everything from calming anxiety to extending attention span, fighting addictions, improving sleep, increasing creativity, enhancing productivity, providing pain control, boosting immunity, and more.

Mindhacker Guided Meditations Vault

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Meditation for Flow & Performance

We will have talks and meditations each session. In these sessions we will dive deep into topics like Meditation, Neuroscience, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Biohacking, Plant Medicine, Biofield, Subtle Energy, Reiki, Manifestation, Future Framing, Life Transformation, Waking Up, Growing Up, Emotional Mastery, and more.

Crypto Beginners Masterclass

The Crypto Masterclass is a 90 minute Masterclass where we learn about the legacy financial system and what is replacing it. If you've got assets in EUR, CAD, or USD, the current system is devaluing those assets at record rates!

Integrated Leader MasterClass

The Integrated Leader Masterclass (ILM) was created to inspire business leaders to realize wealth and abundance in a new way, one in line with universal principles that govern how the very fabric of reality is constructed.

Integrated Leadership Accelerator

As we Alchemize the minds of business leaders around the world, not only will we create abundance and wealth for them in their businesses, and home lives, but we will also ease the stress on the creative force we call Mother Earth.

Integrated Meditation Challenge for Leaders

Have you ever wondered how some people have seemingly unlimited energy and move through their day with an unflappable level of calm, while you are running about from task to task overwhelmed and under-producing?

MindHacker Integration Community

For those who appreciate a little extra monthly accountability, you may prefer the MindHacker Integration Community. This is a monthly program where we will meet as a group collectively over Zoom for roughly 90 minutes.

Integrated Meditation Challenge VIP

You’ve said YES to yourself. A new you, a new business, a new life. Free from the chains of Newtonian physics and “fate”. You're ready to create your new reality. You’re well on your path!

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