Calling All My VIPs

You’ve said YES to yourself. A new you, a new business, a new life. Free from the chains of Newtonian physics and “fate”. You're ready to create your new reality. You’re well on your path!

And, maybe you can already hear your ego starting to creep in. Selling you stories like... 

Are you sure you’re going to have time for this?
What if it doesn’t work?
You never complete free challenges anyways - what makes this one different?
Things are totally fine the way you are.
Meditation never works for you. Might as well not bother.
You’ve been doing great in leadership up until this point. Who’s he to tell you that things need to be different?
What if it’s hard? Or you don’t understand it?

Do those phrases sound familiar?

I’m sure you can fill in at least 5-10 more common phrases that float around in your mind whenever you step into the unknown.

This is very normal, very common resistance. And, despite being normal, it can be debilitating.

How many times have you planned to go on a diet, planned to get healthy, planned to go for more walks, planned to make any positive change in your life - only to have it fall apart a few days or weeks later?

If everyone could so easily make it through resistance, the world would be a VERY different place.

Resistance gets the best of us. Whether you’re just starting out or a Fortune 500 CEO - we all have a unique relationship to resistance that can get in the way and completely sabotage our dreams, desires, and best intentions.

Nobody moves through this world without experiencing resistance. Nobody.

It is our relationship to resistance that defines how we move through it and how much success we experience in our lives.

It is our relationship to resistance that determines our ability to become an Integrated Leader.

It is our relationship to resistance that determines our fate.

That’s why I’ve created a specialized VIP Group specific to this challenge.

Because I know that making bold moves and big changes in your life is going to bring up resistance - there’s just no way around it. 

The more support you have, the more effectively you’ll move through your own resistance and the deeper you’ll be able to get over our five days together.

If you're ready for a MASSIVE uplevel, this VIP Group is for you! 

This group is NOT for everybody. You must be…

Ready to commit. That means actually doing the practices, completing the challenge, and changing your life.
Willing to look at the uncomfortable thing. On these calls I’m going to point out aspects of you that are currently sabotaging your transformation, and what you really want in this life. They don’t like being looked at, and will make you feel uncomfortable.
Accepting that major change requires Will & Surrender. Without the surrender piece, you will be unable to change who you are, and become who you are meant to be.
Open to Beginners Mind. This means being open to trying on a new perspective to see how it might fit. The less knowledge you bring to this table, the further you will go.
Willing to believe that change can, and will happen for you.

As a member of my VIP Group
you will receive 

5 VIP-only Group support calls held over Zoom for live support and interactive questions (one after each regular teaching segment)
VIP-only Group Voxer access to myself for on-demand questions and answers
VIP-only Group Integration call held approximately 2 weeks after the completion of the challenge

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