Mindfulness, Personal

Jedi, Buddhist, or Freudist? 

During some of my Ashtanga meditative discussion classes my teacher was touching on Buddhism, we were discussing the influences it had and how it affected our meditation.  I started to notice some really good alignments with some of the teachings of Yoda.  For example: My…

Mindfulness, Personal

Meditation Practice 

My spine is straight. Head tilted.  Not moving, just listening.  I keep going further down, deeper.  Then there is this place, it’s hard to see for when I focus on it, I lost focus and it’s gone.  Then I have to concentrate again. I start…


Rant about unfettered growth 

I think part of the problem with corporations is in the fundamental way that they are constructed. They are designed such that people who are not involved in them can invest, and have that investment grow as the corporation grows, they don’t even have to…


Google down 

Looks like Google is offline. They seem to work, sortof, from a connection I have in Calgary, but nothing from Winnipeg appears to be working. And even Calgary is a lot slower than it should be, even with a text only connection. This 1 day…

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