ReInventing the Wheel 

So Rapid Transit in Winnipeg is a hot topic lately. At the moment there’s a debate on about the benefits of Bus Rapid Transit vs. Light Rail Transit. Many people I’ve spoken to think that the plans (if you can call them that) for either…



Ambleside is in the heart of the lake district. Its a small town that is mostly for tourists and weekend warriors. Starting to check in at lakes lodge, we were off to a bad start. They could not find the booking from….and they were…



So I’ve been a little delinquent with posting because we didn’t really have much internet access in comrie, and we were way too busy in the lake district. And too wet. I’ll start back in Comrie. The first day there we started with a bunch…


Hotel Mixup 

Due to a booking mix up at the lakes lodge we ended up getting an executive suite at the Regent Hotel in Ambleside! Very nice after basically camping for a week.  Oh how I love air jets in my bath 🙂

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